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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

IANAL, but I think you might be screwed here. I believe you could get your money back with lawyers, via a number of different arguments, however this would cost you far more than it's worth.

I think your best bet is to just stop playing the game, and use the time saved to recoup your losses.
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Guess I'll just keep a VPN handy if I ever travel, so I can at least make the computer say I'm from the US, even though I'm not.

Worked wonders for steam, screw paying euro prices when I have easy access to USD prices through my school VPN last summer in Rome.
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Why isn't there a blue post here yet!?

Blizzard, the longer you wait with replying to this obviously sensitive issue, the more you affirm the belief that you are stealing this player's money. Is that really something you want?
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This is exactly the kind of behavior I expected from Blizzard with the RMAH, and is the exact reason I'll never spend a cent there.

Blizzard, that money you got from the OP was stolen. No matter what it looks like legally on paper, you exploited money out of someone who could have/ should have been a happy customer.

People don't stay in business doing crap like this.
Kind of ironic considering that as an Australian resident, the automatic currency we deposit is %AUD. The automatic RMAH we access is $USD, and there's barely anything on the AU AH/RMAH anyway. Yet, we can't spend that balance on anything other than that. I hooked my my Paypal for it, but I've had far too many friends deposit $50 - $250 automatically in $AUD then be unable to use it, and have to call Blizz to try and get it resolved. That means ringing at around 1pm, waiting on hold for 50+ mins.... you know, when everyone's at work. And can't ring.

If Torchlight pleased me more aesthetically, I wouldn't bother with this crap.
Hi OP. Read your post this morning, and now again late evening (i'm EU). Can't believe Blizzard has not responded to you on the forum or privately. Sorry to hear of your news. $200 isn't the greatest amount of money but sure as hell it is enough to get severely pissed off about. If I was in your shoes I would be buying a new keyboard by now after having a 8 year old's mental tantrum. Absolutely disgusted with Blizzard. Hope you get some good news soon. I read a reply post much earlier in the thread about emailing some major gaming websites with your news and link to this thread. Gotta +1 that. IGN kotaku PCgamer even Giantbomb. Make as many people aware as possible of your situation. Will be keeping an eye on this thread and can you give us a result if you get it.

Good luck.
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I'm really sorry OP. I can't believe Blizz would do something like this. There is no way that is legal.
06/29/2012 02:19 PMPosted by Xres
The answer I got from them was that my account is registered in the North America region, yet I am currently not playing from that region

Yea they said that you cant do that from the beginning... Unfortunate for your inconvenience and I'm sorry, But could have been avoided if you did your research first man...
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Xres, I'm glad you put a detailed story about your situation and I'm on your side with this situation.

Blizzard should really cut the red tape on their policies and reverse the battle.net transfer or refund your remaining amount before changing regions. Someone with authorized decision making should chime in and have this performed. This is no way to treat a customer.

Majority of players do not read the ToS, and granted, a mistake was made because of Xres's unique situation because there were factors of not knowing all the policies and rules but Xres' intent was to play the game that is suppose to be fun, not trying to understand international laws.

I requested a sticky and thumb up your thread for the CMs.
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This RMAH is nothing but trouble and that is why I do not plan on using it. If anything it should be brought with game gold only and not real money for that leads to problems.
The problem with doing a charge back is that you are quite likely to be permanently banned from Blizzard and BattleNet. This would make a great story on Consumerist.com or on one of the big tech sites.

Has Blizzard also ignored users whose items disappeared during RMAH transactions? I wonder if they are consistently treating RMAH funding as if you are purchasing a "gift card" for their services and therefore they can basically guarantee absolutely nothing.
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06/30/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Zaamcore
The answer I got from them was that my account is registered in the North America region, yet I am currently not playing from that region

Yea they said that you cant do that from the beginning... Unfortunate for your inconvenience and I'm sorry, But could have been avoided if you did your research first man...

It seems a few people are focusing on the blizzard ToS bible on this matter. The "referring" to the ToS is the correct path in terms of the OP needed to update his information to reflect the correct region, however the current system in place should of caught that he was in the wrong region when the deposit occurred otherwise the system is enforcing a loophole that pockets blizzard currency.

This loophole if not fixed is a breach on blizzard's part and is viable for a lawsuit, because it can be a form of money laundering, all be it a bad form of it. If a person can put money into your account it doesn't matter where the money came from in the current system, just as long as the person that logs into the account to use the money is the person with the correct user information on the account.
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I've read all the posts from page 1-8. I then stopped reading and just scrolled through every page following 8 to see if at least 1 blue might have come on. NOT 1. Alot of us (and I agreed with all of them) before Rmah came, said there would be major problems with it as far as the money, buying and handling were concerned. We were the ones that noticed that there were a select few who no matter what, would blast, troll, flame anyone and everyone that said anything inflammatory towards acti/blizz. They named them fanbois/girls. People who were called this started posting saying how they would put ANYONE on ignore that used that term whether towards them or anyone. There are fb's/fg's that are flaming the poster and others just to try to take attention away from blizz and get this post deleted.

Now all that follows is my opinion and not proven fact:

Blizzard has it's own legal team (fact) that helps them write their "disclaimers". Yet everyone that has half a brain knows (fact) that no matter what a "disclaimer" says you can sue and if the evidence is good will win. The burden of proof is NOT always on the plaintiff (the person suing) but on the defendant (the person being sued).

In this situation, yes OP was flawed (will not use the word wrong towards them) by not understanding/reading the "disclaimer" in full. Yet Acti/Blizz is wrong by saying that to correct said situation "we keep all your money". That is how the disclaimer is worded to be understood. If that's not the situation acti/blizz needs to re-word it and "dumb" it down. The reason (fact) that most companies put lawyer speak in w/o "dumbing" it down is to bore, confuse and increase the length of documents so the average person won't sit there and go thorough it with a fine tooth comb. I for one (since I worked for the government in multiple capacities) have learned to sit there and read line by line. This actually infuriates some companies and their legal team to the point of tears. In Pennsylvania, if you get fired, they claim you can't sue because it is a "for hire" state. This means unless you work for a union, you can be let go at anytime w/o any reason. Yet Millions of dollars are still paid out by said companies because the burden of proof is on the employer and not the employee.

I also believe (opinion) that ALOT of the fb's/fg's are actually "blues" in disguise. Can I prove it, NO. But they have "admin" rights on the forums, which basically means they can (and probably do) create accounts that have no "blue" attached so they can attack posters w/o it looking like a personal attack by acti/blizz. And no one on these forums can prove they don't do it.

I have been playing blizz products since D1. I have always supported them and up until some crap in WoW (recently) and D3, never said a bad thing about them. I've even talked alot of friends into joining WoW (but discouraged them from D3). OP needs to contact CS and talk to the higher ups. If that doesn't work (I don't like litigation so I never recommend it so soon) call the BBB or equivalent in their locale, submit tickets to get their money refunded (and print or print screen them and save in a file), Contact a free legal advice center and have them at least read over acti/blizz's documentation. If all else fails, call a law firm that deals in CALS, explain the situation. Most of the time these firms will actually create an account just to read and review the disclaimers, then if they feel they have a good solid case will start sending out flyers, ads etc. to get others to jump on. That is the final discourse, and should only be done if all else fails. Acti/blizz is messing up on this one and needs to "man up". If not those of you who feel cheated and dissatisfied need to bump it to the next level. Just my opinion.
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wow this is just sad fixed drops? random locking of an account that passed the clearing period just wow.....
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Bump to keep it alive another 3 minutes.
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