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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

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Blizzard does this to prevent money laundering outside of country boundaries. That's why they 0 it out.

Honestly, you should keep an updated address if you want to utilize services. I update my address when I've moved at everything I care about
Post Office (mail forwarding)
Cell Phone company
...now just add Blizzard to that list.

Also, the region change may result in you not being able to utilize the US-based AH. This is also to prevent scammers.

I'm glad they have these policies and audits. Sorry to say, but you should have taken more care, OP.

While you have a point to a degree, it in no way takes away from the OP's main point which is, if this was an issue they should have stopped him when trying to DEPOSIT not from SPENDING, what they did is plain wrong, and needs to be corrected.
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Lets pretend for a moment that this isn't straight thievery on Blizzards part.

Isn't it at the very least massive incompetence on Blizzards part? I mean to let this sort of scenario even take place.
So where's the OP's responsibility in this, anyone?

READ the rules before you do something like a monetary transaction, ESPECIALLY in the 1st RMAH in Blizz(gaming) history. If you DID read them then YOU should have contacted Blizz for assistance with changing that region BEFORE depositing any money.

You're asking all these whys, yet played Blizz games for 10yrs.....ever hear of WoW, ever play it? Then you know the reason why - gold farmers, cheats, mostly non-US gamers taking the low road in life and causing them major grief from players.

Also, nowhere in their info does it say you WILL lose your entire balance just that it is possible(which I agree is dumb but still, keep the record straight).

Sucks that it happened but MAN UP to your part, cuz its a BIG part!
Guy who isn't from the right region decides not to read the rules or follow them and then get's mad because he might get in trouble for not being up to date on what is going on. Play in your own region, register the correct information next time, and read the information that they make available to you, and come back to us with the results!
this just in.....

blizzard is a piece of !@#$ company
this just in.....

blizzard is a piece of !@#$ company

Says the guy that bought D3 and probably has had a wow account for 5 years.
wow, thats like robbing ppl...
just as a thought (if you can access your battle.net account) why not withdraw the funds back to your bank account. i know that blizz will take a cut from it but atleast you get your money back.

it is very cheap that they allow you to deposit the funds yet are unable to use them. surely being able to not access the RMAH if you choose to play on the US or asian servers from europe or vice versa would be an easier option.

Or just not give those in europe or asia to play on the US servers.

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Nice read and thanks for sharing. This is just yet another story about the RMAH that has ripped people off from money. Looks like Activision & Robert A. Kotick has finally sunk their money grabbing leech practices into blizzard.

It has to be something of the sort. If it wasn't a pure money grab then why would someone put the RMAH in their game in the first place? It didn't make buying items more safe and secure.

You don't passionately make games for your enthusiastic fans and go "you know what this game needs? A way that people can pay for their items".
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