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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

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What in the actual F
RMAH blows.

If he's legit, he just needs to contact his bank to get his money back. "Hey, I gave Blizzard this money, they zero'd out my balance because I moved". Most US banks will take the consumer's side on this issue.

The problem with that approach is his account will likely be banned (or at least remain locked permanently, which is effectively the same thing). I've seen this happen in plenty of games that allow you to purchase some form of in-game currency. Mostly free-to-play games with microtransactions.

I choose to stay away from it all. Too risky.
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The same with me.

And my account was locked to use the RMAH due to the region problem.

I brought at least 6 pieces items in RMAH, it's just fine, when I just buy the 7th.. Yeah, it's been locked?

If you blizzard don't permit us in other region use the RMAH, why don't forbidden us in the first step?

I have $35 in the balance. How and where could I use it?

The balance become the Blzzard's property now...it's fair to us?
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Think of it like this:
You have a bank account and you move. You arrive at your new house in a new state. You go to update it and they say "I'm sorry,because you moved you forfeit your money. It isn't right. I use rmah and have had no issues. But it still isn't right
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This is fairly disgusting service from Blizzard, and as their own EULA acknowledges (section 15a I believe) they can make all the liability excluding causes they want, they can't override consumer protection laws.

Very poor showing Blizz.
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2 words: fail game
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This is... just sad. And it doesn't help that they basically say "Nope sorry, can't refund anything." Or they just don't care and put you on hold. Then again, if they were not 600 people lighter maybe customer service would be slightly better.
So where's the OP's responsibility in this, anyone?

READ the rules before you do something like a monetary transaction, ESPECIALLY in the 1st RMAH in Blizz(gaming) history. If you DID read them then YOU should have contacted Blizz for assistance with changing that region BEFORE depositing any money.

You're asking all these whys, yet played Blizz games for 10yrs.....ever hear of WoW, ever play it? Then you know the reason why - gold farmers, cheats, mostly non-US gamers taking the low road in life and causing them major grief from players.

Also, nowhere in their info does it say you WILL lose your entire balance just that it is possible(which I agree is dumb but still, keep the record straight).

Sucks that it happened but MAN UP to your part, cuz its a BIG part!

When I ask YOU if YOU read the WHOLE fine print everywhere and always. I don't believe YOU if you'd answer yes.

There's a difference between requiring up to date info and letting you check/verify this before even being able to add money and placing a PRE(!)requisite about this in rule number 245a.sub3 in a TOS somewhere but not actually letting it function as a prerequisite. Letting someone add money only to lock it in afterwards and even nilling it when changing the info is thievery. How right you may be about it being in the rules... The mechanics/workflow are flawed. If region info is so important and a gamebreaker (phun, but no fun) include a info-verification/info-update step to the process.
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Hope this isn't totally accurate, but will give you the benefit of the doubt. Damn.
Maybe there is a way you can email a higher-up somewhere in Blizzard, like Jay Wilson or something.
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was there a Blue response here?

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