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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

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If you are quick enough, you can use a man-in-the-middle attack to defeat an authenticator. You can also remove it from a battle.net account (rather than just logging in to Diablo) by logging in on the website.

Yeah, a MitM attack is possible - but difficult. The irony of the other post was that the 'hacker' didn't even bother. He just opened a ticket and asked a rep to remove it. And they did. Hmm, seems that thread is deleted now. lol

As for the OP, he should probably try a bit more to work out something with Blizzard. I would think that after explaining the situation to a supervisor or something they could work it out with him. I would only use the bank as a last resort. If he uses his bank and charges everything back, he will lose the account.

Good luck with that! I tried once to call blizzard and ask them about parental lock I didn't set up and tried for four days from when they opened to when the closed.

I couldn't even make it into the queue. It says, "please try again later. Click".
14 days ago, I deposited $200 into my bnet balance

well there's your problem

hope this helps
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This is pretty much absurd. Seriously, Blizz will never get another dime out of me until we (the players and customers) are addressed, apologized to for all of the inconvenience and wasted money, and the people who are making these dumb decisions are dealt with in one way or another.
06/29/2012 06:13 PMPosted by uszy
14 days ago, I deposited $200 into my bnet balance

well there's your problem

hope this helps

Wow. Have to say, I must be tired from 100degree work all day, but I missed that little note there.

That changes things A BIT because he added the amount but didn't use until he swappe countries.

Still, blizzard should be held accountable for this, I believe. There is a lot of money to be earned by them by "thwarting laundering."

I mean seriously, if he provides all the proper credentials and calls in etc then they should transfer his full balance to his PayPal account, once he updates that to match his blizzard account. Then PayPal will handle currency conversion fees and pass it to the user. Then the user can decide if he wants to reup his blizz bucks or not.
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Good luck with that! I tried once to call blizzard and ask them about parental lock I didn't set up and tried for four days from when they opened to when the closed.

I couldn't even make it into the queue. It says, "please try again later. Click".

I guess I've been lucky. The only time I ever had to call Blizzard directly (about WoW) they worked patiently with me. And it turned out to be my banks fault. They suddenly listed Blizzard as a gambling organization or something and stopped my monthly sub.

You are investing capital in blizzard until spent. Then it is nickel and dimed to the receiver and should he withdraw for cash, they take a nickle... And dime.
06/29/2012 06:00 PMPosted by Rimez
This isnt blizz being thieves, this is a guy that doesnt understand e-money and international borders. Sorry blizz isnt here to launder money for you to china, and they have these rules to prevent account theft and stealing your funds, can you imagine the uproar if people got hacked and they sent their balance to asia and could never get it back? They are covering their !@# and how can you blame them, everything is in the faqs and TOU, stop scrolling ahead to the accept button and get your stuff in order before you start throwing your money away online.

This is utterly stupid logic.

Lets be clear here that blizzard balance, ie. money on blizzard account CAN ONLY BE SPENT ON A VERY LIMITED RANGE OF BLIZZARD PRODUCTS AND ITEMS or in RMAH. (Not even in the bliz store right now)
Now lets be clear again that to put money into the balance there is a waiting period, and also a limit on how much currency can exist in this balance, which again YOU CANT WITHDRAW FROM.

These two facts alone should immediately stop the train of thought that someone with any respectable amount of sanity would actually consider using this particular service to laundry money.
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BUMP!!! because we gatta help this dude out!
After having my account locked up for 12 days, finally I was able to reach blizzard's support to get an answer as to why my account was suddenly suspended after purchasing an item from the RMAH.

First, let me describe the steps I took that let to my account's lock up. I've been playing Blizzard products for at least 10 years now and never had a problem before RMAH. 14 days ago, I deposited $200 into my bnet balance. After 1 day of review, it was approved and the balance added to my bnet account. I then went to the RMAH to purchase some gear. The first few items I bought went through without trouble, and then all of a sudden, my account was suspended (locked). The subsequent email I received stated:

This Diablo III account has been locked due to an auction-related issue. Until this issue is resolved, the account will be unavailable for play. Access to the Diablo III auction house is restricted until the account is unlocked.

Contact Account Administration to recover access to the account: http://battle.net/support/article/5400055.

I thought there must have been some kind of mistake. I used the RMAH legitimately, why would this happen? I then opened a ticket to get this issue resolved, and after 36 hours, this is what they responded:

I have investigated your account and I'm happy to report your account is not banned. Currently your account is locked because it failed an audit review when attempting to use the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) and we need to verify account ownership. If you have secured your email and computer go ahead and follow the steps below and we can work on getting your account unlocked!

Failed an audit? What the heck does that mean? They didn't offer any further explanation in the email, so I had to try calling them to get an answer. After attempting to call them 8 separate times, 3 of which I was on hold for over an hour with no one coming to help in the next 10 days, I finally got someone to help me today. The answer I got from them was that my account is registered in the North America region, yet I am currently not playing from that region (I've moved since the days when I first started the account with Blizzard). That was the reason behind the failed audit. And they suggested me to change my account's region to the region where I am currently at. I asked them, if this was a problem, why didn't it stop me from depositing money in the first place? The support person told me they only check for this when you try to “spend” the balance, and not when you “deposit” it. How convenient on their part.

In order to solve this issue and get my account unlocked, I had to request for a region change. I thought "Fine, I'll do it. There shouldn't be any more issues after this." Little did I know. Below is the email they sent me detailing the steps to do a region change:

It's important to have an up-to-date address registered to your Battle.net account, particularly if you plan to use the Battle.net Balance feature. Because Battle.net Balance uses your account's registered country to determine how to handle your transactions, having an out-of-date or incorrect country of residence can cause a number of inconvenient issues.

Requirements for Country Changes
There are certain criteria that your account must meet in order to qualify for a country change:

Your Battle.net Balance must be less than 20 (for players who purchased Battle.net Balance using US currency)

Note: Active Battle.net Balance may be lost and all Battle.net Balance may be set to 0 when a country change is completed. Customer Support will not be able to convert Battle.net Balance purchased using one country's denomination to Battle.net Balance for another region. If you require other assistance with your active balance, please contact Customer Support.

Are you serious? Is this practice even legal? So, this is where I am at. They locked my account up, and in order for me to unlock it, I am forced to do a region change. But they are going to take my entire bnet balance away. Does this make any sense?

There are several things wrong here:
1.If your account's registered region being different from your current residing region is an issue, why did they allow for money deposit in the first place? Mind you there was a review that took 1 day for every deposit you make to your bnet balance where they could have detected this issue and stopped anyone with this issue from depositing, rather than locked us out when we try to spend it.

2.Why did a failed RMAH audit results in an account lock and not just a temporary RMAH lock? The issues were with RMAH, not with the game. I still paid $60 for the game right? Why should I not be able to play it just because a failed audit on a RMAH purchase?

3.Perhaps the biggest problem right now, in order for me to use any of the money that I deposited onto my bnet account, I must do a region change. But if I do that, I lose everything I deposited. Does this make ANY SENSE to anyone? So with the current rules, I lose everything I deposited no matter what. I either leave the region as it is and be locked out of the game and RMAH, or I make the change and lose my entire balance.

The whole problem was because you allowed me to deposit money in the first place. If being in a different region is an issue, deposits shouldn't even be allowed. Not saying $200 is a small amount, but what if I deposited $2,000? Only to find out I can't spend it because my region is different, and to make change my region, I lose everything I deposit. This can't be legal, can it?

The moral of the story is... update your information before putting real money into a old account.
Instead of jumping through these hoops, I'd recommend just opening a ticket for a refund on your Battle.net points (if you haven't spent any). When the RMAH first opened, I thought you had to deposit money to buy anything, so I accidentally bought $60 worth of Blizzard bucks. After realizing my mistake, I opened a ticket asking for a refund and Blizzard refunded it in a few days without too much of a hitch.
Lol blizz. Wow. Good !@#$ing stupid job!
This is unprofessional. I don't care what the TOS says, this is robbery.
what a joke... people at blizzard should be utterly ashamed
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