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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

Sticky requested.

Seems like strangely shady. I know they have things in place to prevent fraud but that shouldn't allow them to commit it themselves.
Moral of the story...Don't use the RMAH.

No other gaming company has tried to implement a system of this scale or complexity for a variety of reasons that are now becoming apparent.

Those of you who are using the RMAH are basically crash test dummies. Don't be surprised if you get you're head caved in by bureaucratic BS and TOS double talk.
06/29/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Freddy
That's straight-up robbery. FFS Blizz.
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Refund this customer's money, in full. If you cannot or will not transfer funds, you don't get to keep them while denying OP access to those funds.
Bro, Blizzard is not out to steal $200 from a single person. If you talk to customer support and keep complaining you'll get your money back. Yes, it'll be annoying, but I know Blizzard will make it right. If they don't give you back even MORE than you've spent here, I'll be very surprised.

You'll be fine. Just keep trying.
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Blizzard. You are wrong for penalizing players that pay real money to support your game.

The RMAH is your first (and at this rate last) attempt at developing a new pay to play model and I actually applaud the creativity and "capitalist enginuity." However if you truly want this model to be a success you need to stop using your TOS to screw people.

You are dealing with credit cards and online transactions. There will be fraud. Now limit it the same way all other companies do. Using IP verification for location is about as good as trusting the man in the van going "do you want some candy" to a little kid. It is easily broken. Verify the billing address on the credit card like a good business. and require that it matches the address listed on your battle.net account (not the zip code... the whole damn address.) and when a transaction fails tell me why it fails do not instant ban accounts.

Maybe when we all get IPv6 .... but until then put the ban hammer down. You might hurt yourself. (Literally... you just might get sued if you piss off the worng person, or enough people.)

If a criminal goes through the trouble of creating a battle.net account with a stolen ID and buying a 60 dollar game to use a credit card that is stolen, the identity thief is probably the biggest fool i have ever seen. There are far more effective and quicker ways to make money with someones ID.
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This is beyond ridiculous.

I seriously have no words. All the stupid troll LOL!!! comments are by some real idiots too.
No audit to credit the balance but when you want to spend it...

free bump
I've been playing Blizzard games as long as I can remember. I've always avoided the official forums, especially the General Discussion section for obvious reasons, but I find myself on here posting today (and complaining no less, go figure). This is absolutely ridiculous. I demand a response for this player. Sure it hasn't happened to me - I haven't even used the RMAH - but it has happened to a fellow player (OP) and s/he deserves their money refunded in full. I am at a loss for words. How do you expect any of us to feel safe depositing money into your system when it involves dodging convoluted pitfalls that could literally result in our money being stolen??! Of all the changes Diablo 3 has undergone since release, I've ridden them all out and haven't uttered a peep in complaint. You've got to draw the line somewhere and this is it for me. Refund his f**king money.
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Lawyer up, and get this sorted out.
I would recommend small claims court if where you're living has them.
Blizzard makes billions of dollars in revenue. Why on earth would you feel the need to grab paltry amounts of profit by resorting to dishonest, obfuscated siezures of your users' assets?

This is like watching Bill Gates resort to mugging people on the streets. What the hell is wrong with you?

You're honestly willing to piss away decades of customer goodwill and scare everyone away from long term use of your big expensive gambit, just to increase this quarter's profits by less than a percent?
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If this is true, you should do something about it Blizzard.
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so once u start using RMAH u cannot move in real life .. EVER ???

stupid blizzard
Absolutely absurd. There's no reason, whatsoever, that someone should lose money they deposited. Either let him spend it on the RMAH or refund it to the institution from which it came. I don't care about your blah blah blah must keep your info up to date; for something this serious, you should put a big flashing neon sign (outlining this Blizzard rule) in the face of everyone that tries to deposit money and, if Blizzard doesn't take those steps, then they shouldn't be ripping people off by making their money go bye bye.

I've sat here reading forums full of upset people but this, by far, takes the cake. This is the most disgusting and unbelievable action Blizzard could take against it's customers.

I hope you stick it to them good and I hope you get your money back.
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06/29/2012 04:36 PMPosted by Killabyte
blatant theft... The ToS agreement cant override the law of the land, since this is REAL money commerce standard commerce laws apply... they cant just take your money.

Actually, according to the ToS agreement everyone signed before playing the game, once your money is in the Battle.net balance, it is no longer yours. Players be warned. I will never use the RMAH for this reason alone.
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