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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

The police. Call them.
Scumbag Blizzard
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I am calling the police for you.
I find the people in here saying "OMG PAY TO WIN" and "STOP JUSTIFYING RMAH" to be just unbelievable.

I'm a massive fan of Blizzard and Diablo 3, and to see this being a thing has me legitimately worried.
This is pretty..... disgusting. I hope someone at Blizzard realizes that this is not good and fixes it.
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This is ludicrous.

A $200 deposit should have never been possible in the first place if Blizzard is just going to steal it afterwards.
Assuming your in a Wesertn type legal system (and ususally even if youre not), heres a legal FACT someone else has stated and I wish to reinforce:
The laws of the country you purchased the game in, and the one you are in now - overrule ANY terms and conditions (only where there is conflict). So if there is any legislation to help you, seek it out.
A good place to start would be Consumer Guarantees or Fair trading type laws. Typically they will provide for refund, repair, replacement etc.

Also, importantly, terms and conditions on websites have much less pursuasive power in tribunals and such, as it is generally accepted that no one reads them.
HOWEVER, Blizzard are coy enough to require you to at least pretend to read them before you can click OK. but again, contrary to this if the Ts and Cs are deliberately obscure, theyre read in your favour.

A disputes tribunal judge would absolutely find the actions of Blizzard to be suspicious as they could easily have rejeced the money at that stage. To that end, you have better standing.

More importantly, one should not expect to lose their money simply for having incorrect information.

If you were to purchase a gift voucher for a shop, and were required to give your address in the process -could the shop legitametly null and void the voucher if you moved? No.

On a side note, to all the folks disparaging this guy for spending 250 bucks to pay to win etc etc.
So what? Thats utterly beside the point.

And lastly, I too foresee legal action against blizzard if they dont buck their ideas up. The introduction of real money into this scheme may have opened up a legal can of worms - errors and stuff are to be expected. Systems crash and people make mistakes.
But when Blizzard inadequately keep records of real life financial dealings or fail to appropriately address the issues arising from the oversights, then they are openeing themselves up to law suits and negative publicity.
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06/29/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Freddy
That's straight-up robbery. FFS Blizz.
Blizzard does this to prevent money laundering outside of country boundaries. That's why they 0 it out.

Honestly, you should keep an updated address if you want to utilize services. I update my address when I've moved at everything I care about
Post Office (mail forwarding)
Cell Phone company
...now just add Blizzard to that list.

Also, the region change may result in you not being able to utilize the US-based AH. This is also to prevent scammers.

I'm glad they have these policies and audits. Sorry to say, but you should have taken more care, OP.

Money laundering? They have a 250 dollar limit anyways, what kind of failed money laundering operation would use such a restrictive method that leaves behind so many trails it be so easy to track????

There is no excuse but poor customer service for what the op is experiencing. If blizzard is going to offer such a service as a blizzard account , then they should at the very least be willing to deal with any issues involving a user who might play from several different regions. It is entirely unreasonable considering how restrictive this service already is for them to demand their users to stay stationary if they want to continue using their products.

This. $250 is not enough for Money Laundering. The border guards (I live in Canada) don't make me fill out a form declaring any money I'm bringing over. I even converted my money at the border, and they still don't bother me about the $400 I took to Seattle.

Snoop Dawg taking $24,000 into a country: Okay, that's not okay.
People taking $100,000+ across the border for money laundering: Definitely not ok.
Someone changing their address: That's OK.

The fact of the matter is, it's virtual currency. Blizzard could give someone $2000 in RMAH balance and as long as they are unable to cash out to PayPal, it's still only a virtual issue. It may mess with the economy a little, but it would have no real world consequences.

I'm sure Blizzard will clear this up with all the attention it's getting, but worst case, contact your bank as the authorities will handle it.
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Blizzard you suck.
I will definitely not be loading money or posting on the RMAH until the OP is completely reimbursed. If such a shady 'loophole' exist, your entire company really can not be trusted.


P.S. - Discovered this on Reddit. Word is spreading.
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Isn't it possible for OP to give a friend in the set region his account info and login to his account to buy a self posted item for the amount of the remaining money in his bnet account? If a friend can just empty his account on one item he can then change regions and have his balance 0 out, and after he gets setup with a new region his friend can send the money back to him and all he loses in this process would be the $1 fee Blizz takes.
They locked my account for no reason as well after using RMAH. If they have a problem with that engine, then they shouldn't introduce it. I paid for the game jus to have fun, they are depriving me as a customer... They took my balance as well- total unethical as a company..
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Please help this guy Blizz. This is really kind of disgusting.
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OP have you even bothered to check your account to see if the charge even cleared?

This is a failed audit which means you probably weren't billed at all and the money has already gone back to your account.

Seriously. You never even mention whether or not you got your money back! Which, I would wager, you already have.
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