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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

this is unacceptable and show how much they care about there customers nowadays.
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That is horrifying.
This new age of gaming scares me.

Off to the indies and relaying 16bit or less console games...
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LMAO, I'm sorry OP but why would you put 200$ into this game in its current state?

While I 100% agree with the above sentiment, the OP describes, as far as I can see, pretty much straight up, uninformed theft.
FBI +1 ?
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This makes my blood boil so fu***** bad... This game is a piece of sh**, and so is this company's greed levels...



@OP: dont worry man, gw2 is coming out in 2 months.. This is just uninformed theft and I really hope you get your money back
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That's kind of a bummer :(
I really doubt any further contact with Blizzard support will help you get your money back. I think it's preposterous what happened to you. My suggestion, post the OP verbatim, to some major gaming sites, i.e. ign, etc... The bad press may help you convince Blizzard to give you back your money, because even if they are covered legally, it leaves a bad taste in any gamer's mouth who's reading it. Bad press is bad press.
they took $60 from you for the game, then took your game away for a non-gaming issue, and will now take $200 from you to give the game back. Why? because they can and they don't give a %$#, that's why

There is really nothing more to add to this. Just imagine a company that puts the customer first (there are 1000s) and will gladly refund replace repair etc your item no matter how much you screwed it up and don't even have a receipt... and now look at blizzard - the exact opposite. the customer is NOTHING.

Yes, this company just doesn't meet todays standards.

I bought a wireless bluetooth headset over a year ago and had a 2 year warranty on them. A week ago they broke so I contacted Bestbuy and a customer rep not only got back to me within one days time, but also found my receipt number and warranty information for me. Now Bestbuy is completely replacing them under the warranty. It was my fault for losing my receipt and warranty paperwork, I feel it is 100% my responsibilty to keep that but Bestbuy still looked it up and helped me. That is an example of how a company should handle their costumers.

Blizzard, is not a good company by todays standards. Why do you think Vivendi is selling them?
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This is why I am waiting for torchlight and why I haven't touched diablo in a few weeks. You messed up good, Blizzard.
What you can do is you can call a lawyer and ask him or he can get more then $200 from blizzard because of all this or call blizz tell them that you are back in North America region and want to play, go back for few hours spend your balance and then change region.
this shouldnt be a big deal they should know and do know its straight up theft if u logged on and deposited money from the same ip address that is being commonly used for bnet balance and using it with this same ip adress it should be allowed with out issue and if there was the furthest it should go is they should send u a confirmation email or somthing stating your previous adress and if you have changed your current adress to do so also with your bnet acc bc what are the odds someone would know your credit card attacthed to your bnet acc /email/ ig acc/ knowing your previous and current adress.

just theft it is
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Damn this is !@#$ing stupid!
Hope you get your money back duder
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money laundering is serious business
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I'm an American overseas for school and I sent Blizzard an e-mail describing my situation before I used the RMAH (I had to tell Valve too so I could buy things on Steam). I received no response to my e-mail but I assume they received it since I have been able to use the AH without a problem. I just set up an authenticator before I started using it. I didn't add anywhere near $200 though.

EDIT: I am still playing on and purchasing from the North American region even though I'm logging in from overseas. I haven't switched regions in-game (because all my friends are back in the US obviously).
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That's stupid...
Absolutely garbage.
Blizzard, where are your blues on all of these issues? This is beyond reason.
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Please file an official complaint with the better business bureau. http://www.la.bbb.org/Home.aspx

Your complaint is legit, and due to some nice fuzzy line reading they are essentially stealing 200$ of your money. I've worked in customer service for a few years. This is downright shoddy work from their customer service.
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If you have a friend in the US then what I would do is have that friend login to your account, change the details to his place and have him play the game for a few days to a week without you logging in from a foreign IP. Then have him use the balance to purchase what you want. ALTERNATIVELY, have him buy something that's actually worth 200 bucks, relist it for 200 bucks and then cash out via Paypal to get your money back. After all said and done, change the region so they can zero it out.
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