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95 Geo metro Problem

I Really don't know were to place this post. So i guess i will try here. I have a 95 Geo metro. I am having 2 issues with my car. #1 when i am driving my car there is a symbol on the dash. It indicator displays this ((!)) I have no clue what it means. I drive down the road and some times it goes away. But for the most part it is always on. #2 When i am driving down the road i start hearing a VERY loud humming noise that sounds like it is coming from my tiers. It starts from 30-35+ MPH and consist from there on. Again I have no clue what it is. The sound is similar to driving with mudding tiers on pavement.

If any one can help me it would be much appreciated.
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1) The ((!)) on your dashboard is a low tire pressure indicator, not to be mistaken with a "!" inside a triangle, which means something else, sometimes brake related. But in this case check your tire pressure. I'd go for 32 pounds of pressure for that size car. Also note that tire pressure is best checked when the car has been stationary for a while, as driving around for a while will heat up the air, increasing the pressure a few pounds. So 32 PSI cold.

2) Could you be more specific about what you mean by tiers? It is not a term I am familiar when it comes to cars. UNLESS you mean TIRES. If that is the case, then that is a different story. There could be a few reasons. Number 1: are you driving with winter tires or summer tires (now mandatory per season where I live)? If you are driving with winter tires during the summer, certain brands can produce a humming sound after a certain speed due to the pattern design. IF NOT, then it is something else.
Relating to your first question, the low tires pressure COULD be the reason for both your problems, as the tire "bends" so that it is not level with the pavement properly, producing a different sound.

2) (continued) If you do not mean TIRES, but something else by "tiers", then, again, I don't know what you mean and need clarification. Usually, when people describe humming sounds (continuous humming), it is the result of a faulty wheel bearing and is producing a humming sound. Although they make noise even under 35 miles an hour. It only gets louder the faster you go, usually.

Hope this helps :P Goodluck
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Just do what Blizz would do. Put tape over the light, and call it a day.
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Lmao. You think a 1995 geo has a tire pressure monitor? Think again.
Tire pressure also has NOTHING to do with the "size of car". It has to do with the rated pressure of the TIRE. Read the side of the tire for recommended max pressure and dont go over it. However, the car will probably have a plaque on it (usually on drivers doorframe) that shows you recommended pressure, assuming you have the correctly rated tires installed. You are a big vague about the humming noise, so that could be a pile of different things. The (!) is a brake warning light. Either you are low on brake fluid, low on vacuum (bad brake booster), or you left your e-brake on. More than likely, you left your e-brake on, the the humming is because you have destroyed your brake shoes/drums in the back, assuming it has drum brakes in the back. Same thing would apply if it has disk brakes in the back, but I doubt it.
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i'm pretty sure the problem is that its a 95 geo metro
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For the (!) try taking ur hand brake off.. and it will probably solve the sound problem at the same time -_-... 2 birds 1 stone. Maybe your hand brake wire is just messed up, sometimes when you don't use it for long period of time it can get stuck and cause friction which would explain the sound.
Hope that helped!
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your wheel bearings can also cause the sound if they havent been changed in a while
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strap abuot 5lbs of C4 to that bad boy and drive it off a cliff. time for u to get a moped.
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