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I know I know, this seems like such a cop out, but I'm legitimately asking if this guy has been bugged since a recent patch?

I see lots of people have found him, but I'm curious if someone has seen him since 1.0.3 or the recent hot fixes. I've been doing lots of rare spawn or low % achievements lately, but this has become absurd. I don't know how many runs through the crypts I've done, but it's several hundred. I managed to do "Wheel of Misfortune" in far less reasonable time, and the RNG involved to get all that is far worse than ONE unique spawning.

Even with several friend helping look and million gold bounties on his head, nobody can seem to find him.

So, long and short, is this guy current bugged? If so, cool, I'll do something else for a while, but it would be nice to know if I'm working on an impossibility; something akin to Battlefield reports

Has anyone seen him since patch/hot fix X?


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I have also yet to see him after my share of a few hundred runs. Something tells me he may be bugged but no one has really said anything about it as of late. If you are able to find out the truth, please let me know. Thanks.

EDIT: Spawned him in the Jar of Souls map after a few attempts, AWESOME!
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I am doing right now my 30th run on that part and nothing.
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I found him Yesterday. It was my first encounter with him in 30-40 runs, so his spawning rate is very very low
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Yes you can find him in 1.0.3. I did 2 days ago. He's always in Jar of Souls tileset, check the whole thing.
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i found him on 6/26, which is after 1.0.3 was released i assume?

07/02/2012 08:40 AMPosted by Meera
I am doing right now my 30th run on that part and nothing.

don't be surprised if you don't find him even after your 300th run
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I have the infamous DATAMINER open in game if anyone is interested. 7:06 PM FRIDAY PST

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after weeks of searching i still havent found him
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found him today in a co op game 6/10/2012 lower part of the defiled crypt(jar of souls ), u dont have to kill it to get the achiev, just hit it. so u can share the achiev.
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Superstition post.
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Worked. :)

Be advised that while Dataminer did appear in the fake crypt instance, he did not appear during the Jar of Souls event. He was in the next room before I even started the event. Meaning, he can appear anywhere in the dungeon.

Good hunting...
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Can this be done in any difficulty or only found in inferno?
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He can appear in any difficulty, but he is one of the rarest spawn.
He only spawns in the crypt with the Jar Of Souls event.
It took me about 150 runs to get him.
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Confirmed, found Dataminer in Jar of Souls crypt after 1.0.8
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Confirmed, thread from June 2012 necro-ed. (and necro-ed again, and again... let's let this die!)
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yes, he still exists. he's just very rare. i just got him a couple weeks ago.

good luck :)
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