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Stealth buff in inferno mob dmg? Part 2

First part here:

Yes, something has changed. If Blizzard plays dumb, they do not think very highly of their fans who support their games. We are not stupid.
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I was about to make this myself.
Hi guys. It's not just dmg increase. Today I farmed a lot, and randomly found:
- 1 elite pack without speed afflix that was twice as fast as those with speed afflix,
- 1 yellow elite with 2x more reflected dmg - yeah I actually can "feel" this cause I got anti Siegebreaker reflect gear which works fine vs any relfect but this time I was just drained out of health and died in a matter of seconds
- 1 with 2x more health
and few with 2x as much dmg as usual.

I'm playing in EU region. Most of elites I killed seemed fine(but I'm playing a wizard so not many of those are able to hit me)
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Yeah. It's the most obvious with elemental damage like molten and arcane. The cooldown between mob special damage is way different. Arcane sentries non stop, cutting me down with 1k resists and 11k armor. This was not the case yesterday.
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Definite difference from yesterday.
Hmm, after some messing around I would agree.
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We are not stupid.

Given the bulk of forum content over the past week, I'd argue that quite the opposite is the case.
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dw they increased drop rates! with a side effect of WTFUDIED DAMAGE to compensate
I can definitely feel this as well as a Barb that's used to not taking a ton of damage, I'm definitely feeling a pretty significant change.

I'm especially feeling it with fire chain mobs on my barb, it feels like I'm taking way more damage than normal, even when I'm not standing in the fire chains or being hit by the mobs, my health just constantly goes down whenever I'm anywhere near near them, it's like the fire-chains are creating AoE damage just from proximity alone.

I used to be able to finagle my way around the mobs, despite their rampant repositioning, but now it seems like that's not working - at all, I'm running from them all the time.
Molten/Fire Chain/Desecrator/Shielding quillbacks have never been so much fun!
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noticed it with the fanatics that blow up in act 2. went from doin little under 50 percent health to like 80 percent it seemed. even had more resist since days ago which was last time one blew up on me(was able to take two without die, two would kill me now)

I noticed that too, well it's more like i get one-shot for 37k (5.4k armor/600 resist all). Not that it's necessarily a bad thing but i've died many times the last day or two from them.
Amazing that they would break the game with such an obvious issue and the only blue post about it in 24 hours is, meh we didn't do anything, but will "look" into it.
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On the bright side there's absolutely no reason to farm anything other than Inferno Act 1 since, even if the other acts weren't currently bugged/broken/ninjabuffed, it still has the best ilvl 63 per hour ratio by a landslide.
Agree. What's strange is that its not getting as much attention as you would think. Makes me wonder if people are still playing, keeping to Act 1, uber geared so can't tell the difference, or...I'm simply not that good of a player :)

I farm Act 2 consistently 3 - 4 hours each night (as I'm sure others can relate), and to me its extremely obvious something has changed. My gear has been the same for over a week. But now I'm having some problems with certain elite packs, where before I had none.
i have to agree. i used to do Act 1 runs with no probs, but playing solo, i actually die now.

although, i noticed that act 1 runs via public games are way easier now
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Agreed. It seems like all types of fire damage are hitting way harder than before. Things like fire chains, molten, fire pits from the act 2 arachnid chicks, and possibly desecration pits but can't tell for sure yet on those.
I haven't played in a week, but I fired the game up tonight and wtf!? Molten and fire chains are *@@@*# my !@# now. I mean one second in molten and I'm down 40k HP, same with desecrator. I can't be imagining this, it's waaaaayy too obvious.

Oh yeah, and fire pits! Holy hell, I ran across one for half a second and I was almost dead. I used to have no problems with those.
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