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X-Bow or Bow?

Just wondering if one is better than the other? Can anyone please explain which would be better in certain situations? For example, say x-bow's are better for act 3 farming and bow is better for act 1 farming? what are your opinions?
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crit build - xbow
non-crit build - bow

someone on forums did the calculations at what crit chance u have to get to xbow > bow.. dont know where it is ;p
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from my experience a 2 handed bow is better... Why?
- Better Attack Speed
- DPS difference is not much
- Bows are worth more
- If you can find with one with +(###) on every hit it's amazing
- Again if it's socketed you can add an emerald get and because you're shooting faster your critical chances are more
- they look a lot better lol
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DPS difference is not much

wrong, maybe raw dps, but xbows deal alot more damage than bows

see that min-max damage on bows and xbows, well the maximum damage of bows is the minimum of xbows.

there are bows that are better than xbows for sure, but ultimately, if you want to have the highest DPS possible, go with xbows

and look at the spread on bows, 400-1000+-, and for xbows 1000-14000+-,
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Thanks guys.

ProtoSauce, what +(something) on hit things r talking about? like life on hit? is there anything else u can get?
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So conclusion is, x-bow is better?
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Bow has higher attack speed, but xbow has steadier damage output.
Look at the max and min damage. Bows are usually 4XX-10XX, while xbow of the same dps probably has 8XX-10XX.
If you use a bow you fire more frequently, but sometimes you could have got a very low damage per hit.
And when you're kiting you probably don't have a chance to keep firing...
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If you have high ias then you should go for xbow. To me its very annoying with only 21%ias q(quiver included) with xbow so i switched to bow and never look back. Miss the big number though.
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06/30/2012 05:21 AMPosted by Rukkie
If you have high ias then you should go for xbow. To me its very annoying with only 21%ias q(quiver included) with xbow so i switched to bow and never look back. Miss the big number though.

what he said....
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xbows are painfully slow to stutter-step without stacking IAS >30%.
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DPS is different from dmg per hit...
bow can have the most possible dps u can get because u can hit more coz' of atk spd...
xbow is best when u hit and run enemies coz' every hit deals more dmg...
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i try all 1hand crossbow, 2hand crossbow and bow, my bow got 1340 dps, 50% crit damage, 11 attack speed and a socket with 100% crit damage in it. then i bought a manticore with 2 socket ( 2 100% crit damage onm it) 89% crit damage and 200 dex, i lost 10k dps and .60 attack speed. yes i was criting highter then a bow but alot slower. so i sujest a bow for every demon hunter:p
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2hxbow = huge crits, great dps, very slow
2hbow = higher non-crit dmg, comfortable speed
1hxbow = higher crit chance, fast and fun, huge dps range so sometimes big crits, sometimes it's like you didn't shoot at all.

2x 1hxbow = definitely not the best dps but certainly the most bad a**.
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I made a post about Manticore vs Windfury should be somewhere on first page or the second.
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