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What we MEAN when we say D3 is TOO hard...

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requesting a sticky
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07/01/2012 11:00 PMPosted by Elkdrin
Getting the gear is simply a time or money suck. The hard part is pushing through the tedious farming to get the gear, and with every patch they seem to make the farming more and more tedious. Now Diablo isn’t a game, it’s a chore. Right up there with standing in line at the DMV or filling out tax forms.

Exactly...just like another Blizzard game a lot of us used to play. In short, here is what I believe is happening: The people who are still addicted to WoW love this game because its like a diet WoW. I see them leaving shortly when this game fails to compete on MMO terms. Some of us who got tired of WoW or even those who never played it are dissapointed because we wanted our quirky hack and slash, not a progression based grind fest of a game with linear dungeons (not as random as D2 was) and even more linear gear and skill sets. But that is just an 'imho'.
like inferno mode because it is hard and some parts of hell mode, being easy and nerf is the reason I left cataclysm pre-firelands raid patch (Blizzard nerfed heroic dungeons and raids to please the kids and idiots playing because they can't access the said hard content - retarded butthurt players).

The only thing I find ridiculous and not categorized as hard is the overpriced GAH! You think saving up millions of gold like let's say 60m for an item is hard? that's ridiculous! not hard...

believe it or not, saving up 60 mil in this economy is pretty hard. Especially with the increased frequency of lvl 50's items that came along with the lvl 60-63 items. which just increased the rarity of the "good/ah-worthy" drop. Also farming gold all day isn't fun imo, which leaves to players going to rmah to get items to progress through the game. Let's be honest, this game isn't rewarding at all at this stage.
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spot on, I agree.
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The game isn't hard...at all...no matter how you phrase it.
The difficulty of this game is fine. Comparing this to Icarus is pointless because from what I remember, you could memorize every level in the game like a Mario game (Perfect for aspy/autistic kids). When you take those same people and place them into a far more dynamic and random game... Well here you are, you hear them loud and clear here on the forums...

This game is not hard, it simply requires patience, logic and quick reflexes/timing. I beat diablo, on inferno, with 20k dps buffed, ~500 res buffed, and something like 30k hp. As I've said in another thread:

"I have always been a part of the top percentiles in games and if all of the casuals were up here with people like me, then there would be a problem.

The only way crappy players will be able to clear the game on inferno is with overkill for gear. Which means they will have to spend hundreds of dollars on the gear because they won't spend the 100s, if not thousands, of hours that it will take to farm it all."

"Casual" players tend to quickly plateau out; in terms of skill levels. Therefore they need a serious handicap to defeat top percentile content.
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I agree with the op completely. +1
Nice post. I agree with it for the most part. I love feeling overpowered in these types of games. Diablo 3 just lacks that. If I wanted a skill based game, I would go play one. If I wanted to grind for hours at a time just to slowly progress, I'd play an MMO.

I've said it before, Diablo 3 is trying to be too many things at once. In doing so, it fails at all of them.

Great post, Agree with the sentiment, not necessarily the entire wording, but spot on with the feeling of this game. Apparently though, D2 was all about 1 build option (according to D3 developers), which no one liked (according to the developers). It was massively argued between base str, base dex, base mana, everything else Vitality. I played for over 10 years, I never made *that* character. I liked having a javazon, a smite-a-din, a poison necro, loved playing zookeeper, etc. When I had sorc's, I put tons into mana, I like to spam skills, I hate timers, let the timer be natural based on points you are willing to spend into that stat.

Being overpowered is the entire reason to play Diablo. You grind to collect items to make yourself stronger....You don't grind just so you can progress. The biggest problem in my eyes with this game, ...with just gear I've found, after about 300 hours of playing; I don't get to jump into a pack of monsters and fight my way out...oh no, I run around the screen with my head cut off praying the pack of monsters will stop following me so my spell timers will end and I can attempt to get another shot off before I run for my life again. That's NOT diablo. Like you put it, you should be encouraged to jump into a pack of baddies, sure sometimes you will die, but it shouldn't be a given that you will die in anything on the screen hits you more than 1 time. Wall, Wall, Wall, molten, death. Those dudes dropping ice bombs, I was fighting a boss today who dropped about 20 on the screen (all at once), I was able to dodge, then he dropped about 20 more a second later, 1 caught me (so now I'm froze for 2 or whatever seconds), before I was unfroze, he had already dropped 20 more which were timed to go off before I was unfroze. This happened 9 times in a row. So I was completely frozen for 20 seconds while fighting a boss, fortunately he was attacking a non frozen member of the team, but the 9th one killed me anyhow. See that's not fun, that's not hard, that's just plane stupid
I requested a sticky on this, because you couldn't be more spot on. I don't want to feel like I put so many hours into a game and spent millions upon millions to get gear just to beat a pack of overpowered elites. Granted, I can't remember the last game I played so much for 60 dollars, but I just want small things to get improved. I wouldn't mind getting my !@# kicked so much in Inferno if it didn't cost me 45k to fix my gear afterwards. Playing D3 is like being in a bad committed relationship. You want to break it off because it pisses you off to no end and frustrates you, but you've vested so much into it, you would feel like it would be a waste to just quit.
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I think of hard as mechanics of the game make it hard. Shinobi, Castlvania, bullet hell games. Those are hard.

D3? Cheese deaths and tedious gear grind. Oh look! Nightmarish, mortor, Jailer, Shielding Desert Wasps! Dies, dies, dies again because they hit rage timer...
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Thank you all for your support, and to those who disagree, i appreciate those who took the time to actually read my point of view and dissent.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of the same replies here that I saw in Europe from some who simply read 'its too hard' and assume its just a QQ because we are all just lazy kids who dont know how to game.

The biggest problem in my eyes with this game, ...with just gear I've found, after about 300 hours of playing; I don't get to jump into a pack of monsters and fight my way out...oh no, I run around the screen with my head cut off praying the pack of monsters will stop following me so my spell timers will end and I can attempt to get another shot off before I run for my life again. That's NOT diablo.

This player is completely right. In the end, I had to use another analogy to get my point across in the EU, so I will attempt to do it here as well. When presented with evidence that the game at its core is no longer really a hack and slash, I got instead all these fabulous points about how great so many of the other features are (even though they are MMO inspired).

To me, this sounds like this:

(me) "Hey, bartender?"
(blizz) "Yes?"
(me) "Can I get a beer?"
(blizz) "Sure. Here ya go!"
(me) "Hey. Um, excuse me?"
(blizz) "What?"
(me) "This is a glass of wine."
(blizz) "Yes! Its a french wine, vintage 1951 from the most expensive chateau in all of France. It is the highest quality you can get!!"
(me) "Uh, thats great. But I ordered a beer."
I think its a point well made , D3 inferno is not hard its a gear check(Hence the time consuming bit). It also seems a lot dependent on gear rather than the skill choices you make.I think this could be changed.
For example they could nerf all +intel items by 50% and increase damage by 50%(Just an example). This would reduce the dependence of dps on weapons while survivability is still dependent on items. One thing about D2 was ranged classes could be under geared on survivability and still rush through because they had high dps. Now with affixes like mortar and teleport and jailer clearly all classes need survivability.And its a great thing.But it would be great if some dependence on gear is reduced.People will still need to farm but not too much to make it tedious.
And the cool down on TP and potions is one thing that could be revisited.This is certainly very counter intuitive to a diablo like hack and slash game :P.That alone would help people stuck in inferno by a bit.

Some made a point that you should farm to be stronger not progress.I think that is a very good point of view.Of course if Blizz designs the game in a way that few times farming of prev act is needed to progress then it would be fine.But farming till your brain numbs out does not seem that game.
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Wow, that's a LOT of QQ.
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My major problem with D3 atm is that it's amazingly time-suck hard. Drops don't even remotely feel rewarding. The most well-rounded item I've ever had drop was a pair of boots with strength, vitality, magic find and movement speed. Not too shabby Barb MF boots. But, they were only lvl 22 and the odd of even getting this stat combination is astronomically low. Diablo fanboys argue that WoW items are static and boring, but at least you get something of substance even if it's not the best ilvl in the game.It's moderately fun selling items on the AH, but it's really boring relying 100% on the AH for your gear. What do you do when you have the best gear in the game and you did nothing but farm Whimsyshire with 300% gold find or Siegebreaker with MF and sold items to other ppl cuz they were items you couldn't use yourself? Ya, really rewarding. Very well-earned indeed. The most excitement I get in the game is when I get a drop and it's a nice upgrade for the toon that it dropped for.
07/01/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Themaceguy
the game at its core is no longer really a hack and slash, I got instead all these fabulous points about how great so many of the other features are

You have just proven you know absolutely nothing about this game, and I suspect others.
I thought it was so cool at lower levels to buy gear in the AH to help my character get through the lower difficulties. Now, you get to Inferno, and I am like, oh cool, I gotta farm for x amount of hours to get this much gold so I can MAYBE get through this Act. At least games like Shinobi were fun to play. I remember friends complaining up and down because of how difficult it was, but always in humorous ways. I can't imagine how a guy feels who spent 250 dollars for a few pixels on a screen with some high DPS that becomes useless in the next Act he/she plays in. And finds NO item to sell for that dollar value, unless he/she spends more money on magic find gear.
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wtf? don't you mean this game is too easy, and pretty boring atm
Good OP.

- D3 needs Better itemisation / Diversity
- item uniqueness. they all look the same and act the same.. srsly. why am i suppose to give a damn about stuff that is all the same. (Might as well just throw more gold on the ground instead) (give me more things to pick up that are useful)
- Fix more skills plz (i play WD, srs pigeon holes, useless skills, bad cd's on useful ones etc. mana and lack of mana. where are the ranged resource gather skills ??? like other classes)
-d2 crafting implemented and ilvl 63 possible (lols, so much better than d3 system, need some guaranteed stats instead of this total random useless item stuff currently implemented)

you can do it blizz. just keep listening to feedback and find some kind of balance between what is needed and what is wanted. (hopefully more needed things first)
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