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Banning Linux Users For Using Linux...Really?

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07/02/2012 09:24 PMPosted by Clbull

Front page of Reddit, SC2's Destiny is talking about it on his live-stream... still no Blue =/

What did Destiny say about it?

He was talking about it during his live stream a little while back and how it's ridiculous.
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Blizzard WANTS people to hate them.

It's the only logical conclusion I can think of.
Apparently its illegal to use WINE to simply PLAY diablo 3 as your using a third party program to launch the game and do nothing else, but its ok to multibox four monks together, having one keypress executing the same attack amongst four separate accounts, so you end up getting all the drops for yourself.

Sources? Well, getting linux info from this here thread, and the fact that its A.O.K. to multibox from the following four day old thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5968626877?page=1.

So why is it legit for this guy to do it, if he is essentially launching the game (same as linux would) and allowing one person to play four characters (linux does not do this on its own) under one supported operating system, when Linux is not allowed to just launch and not have four = one?
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07/02/2012 09:20 PMPosted by AnalBumCover
Linux community is one thing... This is the top post on Reddit right now... They are looking at losing maybe upwards of a million customers out of the hate they are generating. Hear that Blizzard? You're looking at losing maybe 25% or more of your installed customer base over this idiocy. Bye bye.

The majority of comments in that thread are people complaining about d3, not the linux users being banned.
this is pathetic by blizzard screwing over linux users.
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I've been a long time Blizzard customer and I play SC2 on wine almost daily. My power supply's been out for a few days so I'm waiting on a new one; I hope I'm not banned once I get a chance to log in again!

To the people that think this is an easy route for hacking/cheating etc: please do your homework before posting in support of this ban. There is absolutely nothing about Wine that makes it easier to hack games. Period. That's like saying that people should be running Windows 7 because Windows XP supports cheating easier. Wine is basically just another version of Windows.

Linux's time is coming; look at Valve. They'll be releasing a native linux steam client soon! :)
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That's what we were just saying... other wouldn't care what utensil I used. True the owner would have to accommodate... he doesn't have to if they don't want to. But is it fair that the owner took back their product with no refund after you purchased it from them?

Yes of course, because the ladle could be used to steal from the fountain machine. An unintended consequence of using a ladle, which may not be practiced by ALL ladle users, but exploited by some.

The store owner now has to take this into consideration (develop) or not allow it at all (ban). He's not going to give you a refund on something you've already used and cant return to begin with (time spent gaming).

Can't return to begin with.... his digital rights are revoked dude! That is what banning is. I understand you're trying to make your point and all... and I sort of understand the perspective you're coming from. Yet it just seems pretty unnecessary and harsh. The idea of punishing many for what few have done is a horrific way of thinking (exploited by some).

So with that line of thinking.... another analogy is needed. So if people started going on a rampage throwing sharp pencils at each other (like 5-10 people in a city), then should the United States suffer by banning everyone (deporting i.e. kicked out of the U.S.) that uses a pencil? I know it's an extreme example, yet I believe the point needed to be made is all.

Now yes there are some exploits that can be harmful and need to be dealt with... such as the previous gold farming, and treasure goblin/chest runs. But operating on a different OS that has worked for other Blizzard games in the past...... it needs to be addressed that's for sure.

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This is honestly ridiculous. I'm not a linux user, but banning linux users for using WINE that in no way changes the gameplay, because they're too lazy to develop versions for linux, is utterly stupid. Those people saying that because it's not supported means they have every right to ban obviously has no idea what they're talking about.

I expect this problem will get fixed soon, and that the customer service people handling the tickets are just upholding their 'don't unban hackers' rule. The real people you'd need to get in touch with are the devs that handle what Warden picks up. Customer service is really just the lowest on the ladder, they can't really do much except go by what they've been told. Just gotta wait, same thing happened to WoW and that got fixed shortly after. I have no idea why they would have added WINE back into their blacklist though. :/
Personally, I think it's a mixed bag. No one should be banned, but the false positives from Blizzards software shouldn't be fixed. That's because WINE is not supported, so fixing for a false positive on another OS is not intended. The game clearly states the supported operating systems so that's where "buyer beware" comes in.

Should the account be banned? No. Should people be reimbursed for their money? No. They purchased the game knowing full well it was not supported and not intended to be played on a Linux system and did so anyways. They should have been more careful. The way I see it, is if they had simply used to right OS then this issue wouldn't be present. It isn't an issue with the product, it's an issue with the OS. People aren't getting randomly banned because of Windows, so it's not Warden. To me, that incompatibility is is a working as intended, type of thing. Let's face it, they can't and shouldn't fix for what isn't intended. The false positives are a result of some issue with Warden and WINE.

I do support the bans however, if WINE is indeed used for cheating. If they can detect the third party app they have deemed "against TOS" then they should have the right to ban. It's their property and they have the right to do as they see fit and they have to right to not support WINE and not refund, because on the box... the system reqs are right there. It sucks for legit WINE players, but they were using the product in unintended ways... and it's not like there was no warning on the box.
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I don't think this goes far enough. In addition to banning Linux users, they should ban anyone that has any software other than Diablo 3 installed, aside of course from the OS packages they explicitly allow. Someone could easily mod Firefox or Steam into a bot program, hack the RMAH and ruin Blizzard's plan to build Bobby Kotick a house made entirely out of !@#$%^-.
For whatever it's worth, the game is still running fine for me with WINE and I've not been banned.
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The Blizzard that we all knew and loved is gone.
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Lame on you Blizzard if non-cheating user was banned for using Linux distro to enjoy your game. You've all been paid for that account.
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07/02/2012 09:35 PMPosted by Elenkis
For whatever it's worth, the game is still running fine for me with WINE and I've not been banned.

There was a post in here a while back about one of the suspected causes and those that have it disabled aren't banned. You might also have missed the original banning session (they ban in waves).
07/02/2012 09:34 PMPosted by Zakharov
I don't think this goes far enough. In addition to banning Linux users, they should ban anyone that has any software other than Diablo 3 installed, aside of course from the OS packages they explicitly allow. Someone could easily mod Firefox or Steam into a bot program, hack the RMAH and ruin Blizzard's plan to build Bobby Kotick a house made entirely out of !@#$%^-.

Lol. + 1
So many disappointments with Diablo 3 so far. This makes me really sad to see so many un"this company"like gaffes come with this game. I really hope they can right the ship before MOP comes out. For the first time I think I will be waiting to purchase a game from this company until I hear the game is more in line with their pedigree.
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07/02/2012 09:37 PMPosted by Mictobiasper
TLDR; Want a linux version, quit your subscription and in the "WHY?" section, tell them why.

Opened a ticket tonight to do just this.
Exactly people already hate Blizzard based on D3.. This is just giving them a legitimate reason to focus their rage on hurting Blizzard. And some men, like me, they just want to watch the world burn.
I'm not an expect on what WINE does, all I know is that is allows you to run Windows applications on Linux. If it is possible for WINE to be used as a malicious hack of some sort, then I can understand their reasoning. But they shouldn't be banned for it, Warden should just check to see if it's running, and then stop the game running.

Blizzard should either test and assign, or create one themselves, a particular emulator (or Windows API whatever you want to call it) for people to use so they don't need to worry about it being used for the malicious reasons. Or create a linux version of their game.
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