Diablo® III

Best place to MF/Farm?

So i just recently got my DH into inferno and got some major gear upgrades too so now im somewhat able to do succesful runs on my own. I need suggestions on where to a) Farm high amounts of gold (ive been doing NM Tower/Core runs and just wanna confirm if there are better spots or not) and b) where can i MF decent gear
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As far as MF in act 1 goes, I run the following, starting on the Imprisoned Angel quest:

1) Clear champ packs in the Festering Woods
2) Clear champ packs in the Cemetery
3) Port to Northern Highlands and clear that, bonus if the watchtower is there
4) Move through Leoric's Mansion to the Butcher

Woods give you a very quick 5 stack most of the time, cemetery crypts have guaranteed champ packs and one of them has an event for bonus loot, Highlands are a small area with 2-3 packs, same with Leoric's Hunting Grounds

This has been the most efficient act 1 farm I've found so far
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Try to get past the gold farming stage as soon as possible it is not scaleable. Rush as quickly as possible a 1kdps xbow (with crit damage if you are lucky), buy up dex/vit/all resists gear for every slot and get into act 2 asap. Once you start looking for dex/vit/all resist/dps stat (crit/crit damage/aspd) the price is ridiculously high (up to 5+mill/piece) and it is less and less viable to run for gold then buy stuff.

Atm your gear should cost about 500k per piece and getting 9ish pieces will get you into act 2 with higher drop rates on sellable items. The only way to get high tier gear is to find it or find an equivalent piece for a different class and sell it then buy yours (or botting or paying real money), grinding for gold will not work anymore.
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Sounds good guys thanks for thee tipss
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