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Hello, I was wondering what is better to have to do the most damage for my Witch Doctor. Should I go towards Critical Damage or Critical Chance? I'm trying to get my DPS up because I'm only at 15k and im on Inferno. I know I should also focus on Attack speed and Intelligence.

Thank you for your input,
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Both? You want to crit more, and you want those crits to do more damage. Once you get the +crit damage to a reasonable level you'd be fine stacking crit chance - but they're expensive stats.
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try getting the more crit chance you can get, and like 200% crit dmg
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The only builds that really need high attack speed are darts. You could make an argument for a firepit drain build. Other than that, IAS is pretty overrated for us. Let the DoTs do the work :)

It's a trade off and ideally you should work on both without sacrificing too much to get them. Easiest route for crit damage is a socket in a weapon (though it'll cost you). Gloves and bracers are cheap for crit chance. I should point out that any item with both + a primary stat is going to be ridic expensive since stacking CC/CD is now the official "cool" thing to do post IAS nerf.
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The best ratio of crit chance:crit dmg for ur effective dmg is 1%:10%.

If u r using 1h weapon, try to get 1h crit dmg weapon wif crit chance offhand.
Tip: offhand can hv up to 8.5% crit chance, glove can up to 10% and not many item gv up high crit dmg, so try to get as much crit dmg as u can, then only go for crit chance.

If u r using 2h weapon, u need to adjust the crit chance to higher than 1h build.

My own stat is about 32% crit chance and 319% crit dmg, 1.77 aps, 1.7k int, i having 60k+ dps unbuff.
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Thank you all for your help! Much Appreciated!
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