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Australia/NZ/SEA Free Item Bank Thread

Ive made all 5 types and they are all level 14, can you tell im obsessed with LLD lol :)
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Hey guys, I have a bunch of monk gear round level 60 that would probably help people in a1 or a2 inferno. Hit me up (woody#6441), ill be on most of the day today. Can also tank most of inferno if that would help anyone.
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Hi Guys, I have some DH Bows and Cross Bows ranging for 800 to 900dps I dont need.
Also bunch of gloves with Int/Vit, monk 600dps fist weapon among other things, Happy to kill bosses in Hell or Inferno for you as well.

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Hi Guys, I am able to help out people looking to push through Inferno Act 1 and 2 can also kill Ghom act 3 if your stuck on him.
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Hey Guys , i Have recently been accepting donations ,
also being "Naught" as some may say collecting gold =) ,
I am trying to save up to 100m to help the NZ/AU Community ,
If others are Interested in Collecting gold for such a cause
i say do it . Let's help our fellow New Zealand and Australian players which will include
giving amounts of gold and/or purchasing them weapons/armor/merc gear etc.

Ill keep you'll updated =)

LOAD OF C R A P you are just getting gold so you can make money of the RMAH...please GTFO
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Hey Ezzmay, I'll make a separate post about it :) Let's keep this thread clean and for it's intended use, ignore this lowlife :)
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*Updated 6/07/12*

Ok so now I have some time on my hands to go through my items here are the stuff I will give away. Please keep it honest in here as this is goodwill from me to the community. Please only request it if you really need it.


Chest Armor
Eminence Riot
322 Armor
129 Str - 70 Int - 75 Vit - 15% MF
Lvl 60

Chain Invasion
197 Armor
128 Str - 99 Int - 62 Vit - 29 Physical Resist
Lvl 59

Voodoo Mask Witch Doctor **Given to Scourge**
Medicine Defiance

Undaunted Razors
70 Str - 70 Dex - 73 Int - Atk Speed 14%
Lvl 60

Dread Conclave
216 Armor
132 Str - 70 Vit - 44 Poison Resist - 4% Life
Lvl 60

Defiant Cleats
399 Armor
122 Dex - 76 Int - 18 Vit - 39 Arcane Resist - 173 Armor
Lvl 59

Wayfarer Rebel
211 Armor
122 Dex - 66 Int - 29 Vit - 12% Move speed
Lvl 57

Journeyman Anarchy
121 Armor
77 Dex - 43 Int - 15 Poison Resist
Lvl 36

Shield **Given to Scourge**
Essence Fortress

Forsaken Cartridge
82 Dex - 53 Vit - 11% Attack Speed - 3 Max Disipline - One Socket
Lvl 30

2 Handed Mace
Biting Hammer
756 DPS (765 - 915 damage)
0.90 APS
18 Min Dmg - 121-239 Arcane Dmg
32% Dmg
2.70% dmg converted to life
Lvl 60

Thats the first lot =)
Edited by kyokei#1158 on 7/5/2012 1:06 PM PDT
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Awesome kyokei!

Update: I've edited the original post to reflect new additions, and have included page/post in there for easy reference.

If people could mention when they've either given away their stuff, or if they need to be taken off lists - I'd appreciate it!
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Courageous Beam (lvl 62)
828.5 (dps)
2 Handed staff
84-201 poison Damage
+40% Damage
242 Str
63 Vit

Carve Star (lvl 62)
659 (dps)
1 Handed Sword
127-398 Arcane Damage
+36% Damage
68 Str
224 Dex

Please Message after 7pm evenings, as my husband plays his demon hunter between 8am-6pm, and is very anti-social lol . I play my wizard after 7pm most evenings :) so message me then for the above items.
Edited by Ryiah#6857 on 7/5/2012 12:24 AM PDT
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Belt here for free

Unyeilding Truss

239 armor
80 str
76 dex
51 res all
6% life
16% MF

reply here or msg me in game

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Please note: single-to-small-lots of items won't be added to the initial post.
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I have more random lower level rare items - generally barb or utilitarian items.
I am also able to help in normal now (gee. So awesome malice) if anyone needs low level assistance.
Shoot me a F-invite in game if interested.
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Anyone who would like to help me level up my items I would really appreaciate it. Wizard level 60 but still most of the items im using is of level 52-57. It really cost lots of gold to have pretty decent gears. And I couldn't even explore without any help because my hero is always being killed in Inferno :(
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Great thread!

Can people posting with gear etc. please state whether it's for hardcore or softcore.
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Great thread!

Can people posting with gear etc. please state whether it's for hardcore or softcore.

I would work on the assumption that unless stated otherwise, it's SC.
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Damn, I've sold or trashed lots of good low level items before I saw this thread. Will hang on to and hand on any others I find. Nice idea.
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This is very cool!!!
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