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Australia/NZ/SEA Free Item Bank Thread

07/10/2012 05:38 PMPosted by DarthCaedus
Anyone who would like to help me level up my items I would really appreaciate it. Wizard level 60 but still most of the items im using is of level 52-57. It really cost lots of gold to have pretty decent gears. And I couldn't even explore without any help because my hero is always being killed in Inferno :(

Darth, add me, can take you on gob runs to try your luck almost risk free.
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Now this is the sort of community action im looking for Thumbs up for you guys, ill help out when i get something decent to give out. Should have a few already.
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I have a level 60 blue 752.5 DPS wand (1.40 APS) with +8 max AP, which I used to solo inferno butcher but replaced, it's not great but the damage is good enough for a new 60 wizard.

Also giving away a level 60 rare 592.9 DPS bow (1.40 APS) with +123 dex and 2.6% damage to life. Again not great but might help at the end of hell maybe?

Free for anyone: Add DrWorm#6961
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I have a multitude of stuff spread across multiple characters that I need to get rid of, I am happy to give things away for free but do prefer to swap or sell. Anything I do sell goes for less than 50k no matter how good it may look. I also like to sell to budget so offers of purchase are nice but if your strapped for gold I'm sure I can oblige.

Feel free to add me Mirage357#6270 I play most nights and do take note most of these items are for players still advancing through levels 20-50 majority are rares.
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I have the following:

Potent Golden Talon of Smiting (item level 62)
520.1 dps
+138-299 Holy Dmg
+118 Vit
+90 Dex
This is a blue item, not a yellow, though.

Road Savvy boots (item level 63)
+98 Dex
+28 Cold Resist
+226 armour
Regenerate 150 life per second
+8% movement speed
Ignore durability loss

These are not particularly useful to me, since I play a DH. If anyone is online in the next few hours, I'd also appreciate some help killing Butcher in Inferno.

Feel free to add me gohkm#6289. I'd rather these go to someone in need than put them on the auction house.
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I have quite a bit of stuff that might be of value to players in the 36-45 range... especially those of a barb persuasion.
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Hi, I regularly vendor anything that doesn't sell for more than 100k or has a poor sell rate, and its quite a shame to have to throw them away. I hardly get any tells in general chat, yet the people who do contact me have terrible gear.

I was wondering if you'll just add my name to the front page(FlyingFroG#6794). Doing custom fitting for people who contact me.

Available stuff:
Anything that sells for less than 100k on the AH. Examples: 787 dps 1h socketed; 80 dex 140 vit 22 allres shoulders; the occasional 600 dps lvl 50 item.

My terms:
1.Must not have killed inferno azmo(if you have, i reckon you're decently geared and rich)
2.Only giving stuff to your primary hero(or a level 60 reroll)
3.If you message me mid-run, you'll have to wait.
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Im keen to do this. I have a level 60 barb who can whirl through act I inferno, havent pressed much further than that but would be willing to take people struggling with act I through to farm.
Stopped playing my barb currently and working on my monk and wizard, both around level 40.
Have numerous items that I dont need and havent bothered to sell.

Will post some pics of all items I dont need once game is up again.
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First post edited to include FlyingFroG and Jobolob!
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Awesome thread.

What I want to giveaway -

Since I play Hardcore - I'd love to see more AUS/NZ players so I'll give you guys an incentive to start playing for those that can handle the lag :P.

- I'll provide starting gems for those who want to start a Hardcore. If you've just started or want to start I'll provide a beginners Hardcore Gem Package to get you through normal and the rest of the difficulties.

Here's the package
- ---------
2 Flawless Square Rubies. 1 for your Helm and Weapon at level 15, socket that Helm to level quicker and that weapon to kill things faster!.
5 Square Amethysts for all your other socketed stuff to keep you alive to make sure you don't die!.
- ---------
I also have as many Square Topaz's and Emerald as you need, take up to 10!

My conditions.

- Just add me in game with a message like "hardcore starter gem package plz" or something similar.
- Your highest hardcore level must be achieved must be under 30.
- Only one request a week if you somehow die early :(

If you make it past Normal and Nightmare then feel free to ask me for some gear for Hell difficulty that I may have around randomly too!

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Will definitely be looking you up! Just started a HC toon (yesterday) - I have a monk around L11ish... played a LOT of HC (exclusively) way back when (DII/LoD).

Oh. And added you to the first post (with new "Hardcore" section!).
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Sorry Malice I should have posted what sort of items I have.... :)

Mainly items for low levelers at the moment Normal / Nightmare and start of hell items, all sorts of gems, have surplus off most gems, if you add me and ask for something Ill see what I have got.

Currently not playing my inferno barb and working on my Hell monk which is why the lower level items!

Also pages of blacksmithing / tomes (200 of each) - for all those newer players that havent leveled up the artisans already.
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if anyone needs an inferno rush just let me know, my barb can clear act 1-3 fairly easily and can run to all bosses in act 4.
if anyone has a mf character let me know :) or if you want to make ones
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Now that my barb is L60, I have quite a bit of stuff that I'm willing to give away (usually armor, the odd weapon). Obviously nothing awesome, but some solid stuff.
Otherwise I will just vendor it.
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Heya Malice! I'm currently in Caldeum at lvl 39 - working my way through Nightmare(?) (server is down) as a Barb. All my smithing is up to date and crafted, but decent drops seem to be eluding me. If you do happen to have that level, or nearby, gear lying around, I'd be happy to give it a new, loving home :-)

Cheers mate!
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Heya Malice! I'm currently in Caldeum at lvl 39 - working my way through Nightmare(?) (server is down) as a Barb. All my smithing is up to date and crafted, but decent drops seem to be eluding me. If you do happen to have that level, or nearby, gear lying around, I'd be happy to give it a new, loving home :-)

Cheers mate!

Add me!

I think I have some stuff lying around that might help!
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I have a phantom bow available for the fellow demon hunters in need:
782.1 damage, 90 dex, 106 vit, one socket.

And one 2 hand crossbow with:
841 Damage
116 Vitality
338 Life on Hit
52% Critical damage
2.4% Life Steal
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I have heaps of stuff, ranging from wizard sources / wands Lvl 60 and lower, witch doctor off hand shiz (whatever its called).

Monk fist weapons, lots of shields. Decent barb weapons, + resistance armor (all sorts)
Just picked up a wand with +98% crit damage, low dps though. :\
Gems also, got alot of spare of everything, up to flawless square / square

Since no one has added me Ive just been selling it all on AH or ingame...

Items arent amazing quality as Im still only farming Inferno Act I.
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You can edit in bnet forum links into messages.


plaese do so for my link :P
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hi all, new 2 forums but thinking this item giveaway is wiked idea. got a few bits and bobs for demon hunters around lvl 50 and am keen on some good gear for leveling through 53 to 60. any help much appreciated
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