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Exactly what does DPS mean, how accurate is i

The concept of a pre calculated DPS kind of confuses me. Today, I noticed that inserting the +crit damage gem into my weapon increased the displayed DPS.

Firstly, my weapon damage is: 374-768
Energy twister does 360% of weapon damage.
So I'm guessing it does 350% of (374-768 + whatever bonus my source gives me + a little bonus from ring).

My displayed dps is 23.7k. Is this the dps that I would have, if I just stood there and did my basic atack - i.e. unequipped all my abilities?

In that case, is this number almost useless if I want to know my actual dps - i.e. how much damage I can put out, tornado-ing a bunch of mobs?

In that case, what good is the displayed dps? Inserting the +crit damage ring increased my displayed dps by about 14%. Can I use that as a rough guideline on how useful the rune is (i.e. 14% more damage output), or is that more or less useless because how much damage energy twister does varies too much depending on how many mobs are caught in it, and the 'real' effect of crit + crit damage varies too much depending on whether i'm using a single target hit once signature spell, or a dot aoe like energy twister?

DPS seems to be a most important stat, in terms of what people talk about when they are talking about their gear and damage output. I'm just trying to understand how accurate it actually is.

If it's relevant - I'm running a critical mass build with wicked wind.
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Blizzard has gone to the trouble of giving us the raw final dps value at "100% weapon damage" including all factors relevant.

Meaning the displayed dps accounts for everything. If you have 40k dps displayed, that is your average of your damage range, times your int. Then it adds your bonus damage from crit based on this number, the % and what damage boost effects this. Then it even multiplies in your attacks per second and any skill bonuses to damage.

Therefore if you did do 1500 basic attacks in 1000 seconds, added all the displayed damage you dealt and divided by 1000 seconds, it would actually be the displayed dps.

Now when you get spells into the mix it gets a little funky. For example, 80% electrocute deals way less than a third of tap the source arcane orbs, even though 175 / 80 = 2.1875

This is due to the fact there are so many terms being multiplied together. So the -20% from base at the start gets amplified to actually reduces final damage by more than 20%, while the 175% is amplified and actually causes more than 75% more damage to the final amount.
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