Diablo® III

Adria = Belial

And has been since Diablo I.. I think this would make the best storyline possible, as if Belial and Diablo have been conspiring in the shadows together the whole time. Belial, being a master of Illusions could have easily created an illusion in Caldeum while he leads the nephalem to his goal as Adria, who later betrays you and shows she was just one big lie...

Belial's intelligence rivals only that of Mephisto's (who also could be in on the plot). Which means he is more than capable of pulling off such a maneuver...
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Forgot who made this, but

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When you go to kill Belial with Leah and Adria, while fighting those invisible snakes, Adria shouts "How dare you stand before me" or something like that.
Might be a hint.

Plus, "Adria = Belial" theory is the last hope for the story I'd say. It could just make the poo stink a little less.

If it turned out Adria was just Adria, it would be so dissatisfying. To know a pregnant witch followed a hero to Hell and back and marked souls of the Lord of Hell after the hero had finished his job.
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Cheers for the shoutout, LittleDisco.
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Wait, so we killed the emperor, but he wasn't him, and he was Belial, but that also wasn't him, but an illusion and Adria's Belial, but we don't know that for sure?

My god, that was confusing to type....
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The emperor never existed; he was an illusion of Belial all along. That's not a theory; it's part of the existing plot. And Adria is definitely not Belial; she's a worshipper of Diablo. Belial would never support Diablo; they're rivals, like most of the Evils.
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i think adria is actually working for belial
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07/05/2012 06:41 AMPosted by ShinraAngeal
If Adria = Belial, where does Leah came from? you mean Belial has a daughter with Diablo? OHHHHHHH

The terror is a lie.
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07/05/2012 07:15 AMPosted by LittleDisco
If Adria = Belial, where does Leah came from? you mean Belial has a daughter with Diablo? OHHHHHHH

The terror is a lie.

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All these "we didn't really kill Belial" theories would create many more plot holes than they'd fix.
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maconh sounds like he has an idea i think that even though belial is smart he is a LESSER evil only mephisto would be able to pull this off and though he was belials mentor the cunning mephisto would never reveal all his tricks or make his student more wise and powerfull then he. the prime evil also would not have been able to summon belials avatar (one of those yellow dudes who takes the form of a character in act 4) also belial is to weak to do this he simply does not have the power to contain all evils they w0ould rip him to shreds as they did almost to lea the only way she could contain them was through the power she got from her dad.it just dosent add up we have to come to terms that blizzard just made the lord of lies a bad lier.
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07/05/2012 12:18 PMPosted by Maconha
Lilith and Inarius are working together again to take back "Their" world.

they hate each other!
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Adria = Lilith.

Lilith and Inarius are working together again to take back "Their" world.

IDK if you have read the sin war trilogoy(actually good read for a blizz book), But inarius was takin by mephisto and I guess has been trapped in the burning hells the whole time?

That's why Inarius(the prophet) sent the enchantress to help us kill all the evils. We destroyed the prime evil, and the black soulstone just fell back to the burning hells. If you think about it there is no one left in the Burning Hells, aside from Inarius.
There have been somce decent "Adria = Lilith" ideas, but there is absolutely no way that Inarius is working with Lilith. Also, everything is left in Hell except for what we've already killed. Plenty of lesser and greater demons.
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07/06/2012 10:48 AMPosted by Chris
there is absolutely no way that Inarius is working with Lilith.

Yeah, ever since Lilith took half his stuff, and she got the car and the house, and now he's living in an apartment eating ramen noodles because he has to send her so much in child support each month.
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Well Inarius didn't kill Lilith, just banished her back to the kitchen.

Anyways, I like the op's idea. Its inspiring and could turn the story around in an xpac.
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