Damien knew the fight would be challenging. The zombies stood silently across the embankment, glaring, waiting. They were clearly imbued with some strange magic - lava trailed in their wake, and they moved with unholy haste, as they waited for him.

A normal man would be afraid. But Damien was a warrior of the North; he had survived by the sharpness of his steel, his physical prowess, and his unwavering fearlessness. He hefted his mighty axe, still dripping with the blood of the last pack of misbegotten horrors, and with a lunge that disrupted the ground he stood on, Damien lept across the river.

He landed in the middle of the zombies, creating a shockwave which made them stagger. The first strike was his, and the axe removed one head with a loud THWOK. Blood and entrails filled the air, as he continued his onslaugERROR3008

The zombies feasted, the battle was over. Damien's deeds of valor will be remembered always.
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