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Commodities Coming Soon to RMAH (Update 7/12)

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07/10/2012 04:33 AMPosted by Sungrey
This game was not released when it was ready.

On the contrary the game should have been released back in 2008 before it was stripped down to the monstrosity it is today. In 2008 it was a true great sequel to a great franchise, but that was also about the time Activision took over! THINK about that one people, Activision took over the same year they decided to dismantle DIII and turn it into the money grab it is today!

Check it out!
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ahhaha ^^ I second that, But wait if now a dollar is basically 1mill then how will gold be priced. Even a quarter will be a rip off for an flawless square emerald. 50c would basically be the price of a star emerald. Hmmmm... I would however invest in some star emeralds and 50c a pop
Soul great point. I didn't realize that.
Does anyone at blizzard actually understand the definition of the word soon?
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Wonder if it will go up, when AH goes up :/
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Wow, hooray this is what the game really needed, more utter crap. Why don't you focus on the important issues, like finding new jobs.
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The following commodities will be available soon for trading in the real-money auction house:
  • Gems
  • Dyes
  • Crafting Materials
  • Blacksmithing Plans and Jeweler Designs
  • Pages of Training

The ability to trade gold as a commodity won’t be included in this initial update, but we hope to enable it in the near future. Keep an eye on this thread for further updates.

still havnt realised that you need to fix the game before you worry aboot the RMAH eh ?

shame .. and i had hopes that "cash grab conspiricy" people were wrong .. all well . .human nature i spose
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As it is already the case that the RMAH is the more expensive place to buy things (considering the exchange rate of gold at the moment of course) I don't see many people buying useless commodities there, If anything you'll get more of whats happening now - People buying out cheaper gold auctions and relisting in the RMAH.

Example: Right now gold is worth at most $1.50 per million. I priced a weapon last night. It was worth about 900k on the gold AH, but worth over $7 on the RMAH. Who where did I list it? You bet.. Even eating the worst fee rates between gold and real money I came out over 2.5 million ahead.

I don't see the eventual release of gold on the RMAH either, that boat has left the dock. We are already trading gold at a price that is $1 less per million than Blizzard's floor price. Are they gonna beef up the tech to allow internal trading between currencies just to collect maybe 15c off each million passed through? I don't see it happening.
am i dreaming or are people really buying exq essences at 25 cents each
i think the 25c a peice is on everything cause no ones buying anything.
That is kinda how it seems..
so how do you know how many you've sold, lets say you put up 1000 essences, but only like 250 sell, it still shows 1k?
Just look at what happened in D2. No (real) updates for years, just spambots and bots and dupers... then what? Destroy the fun in the uber level and add a respec option. Yay?

What was Blizzards overall fix? A horrific warden system that punished more players than bots, mostly through constant streams of spam in any room that didn't have a level restriction on it. Not to mention junk like rooms closing down and losing loads of items because you logged on and off too fast. Meanwhile people I knew who were botting were cleaning up...

Still, we have it... lets make the most of it...
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Whos gonna buy essences for .25 cents?


edit: say someone wanted to craft 6 prop gloves, it would cost 7 dollars in essences.

No way, no how, will that ever happen.

Bad system is bad.
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lolol essence for 25 cents lmfao
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Honestly, I cannot fathom what is going through the head of the team that says...

okay guys, lets set the minimum price of commodities at .25 cents a peice.

That'll work

No but seriously, Blizzard, read this, and rectify the situation, there is still time to claim that it was a silly mistake, we will forgive you.
Honestly, I would think that gold is not yet available for trading and won't be until Blizzard does a really huge ban wave where they ban out a huge amount of botting accounts as well as dump all that gold out of the system, if they were to offer gold for sale prior to doing something like that it would truly be the absolute end of whatever possible chance D3 has at an economy that can be used.

I would not be surprised to hear B mention a huge ban wave occured with tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands ) of accounts cancelled sometime in the next 2 to 8 weeks.
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