Diablo® III

Commodities Coming Soon to RMAH (Update 7/12)

I wonder how this will affect the prices for crafting
All that matters is gold trading.

RMAH is worthless without it. Due to the $250 limit, it forces people to use both AHs.

Frankly, the entirety of the RMAH should have just been gold buying and selling.
I'd love to see a response or blog post about when gold trading on the RMAH will be available and why it has taken so long to implement. I'm not complaining; I just think it would be interesting to hear the reasons why it hasn't yet been implemented and what the team is waiting for to implement it.

I'll be interested to see RMAH prices on these commodities, as I'm not sure who will be buying them this way when the gold prices (excluding gems) are pretty tanked.
yea i agree this is lame ... who cares about the RMAH (i know i know they do) and fix the real issues that have been presented 100 times already!
waiting hours just for RMAH changes. lame.
Is this a joke is that a real blue post the game is crumbling losing tons of people weekly and all they care about is lining there pockets sounds like there trying to squeeze the last bit of money they can out of this sinking ship shame on you blizz
07/03/2012 09:14 AMPosted by windstar44
i like how when blizzard is going to update the game the wait till the servers are down before they post on the game, with the notification. at least post down times 24hr in advance not last minute. i was on this morning and there was no notification on the login screen

There is ALWAYS maintenance tuesday mornings. Where have you been?
mo money,game still in shambles, priority on profit lol
is this the new answer to botters and gold spammers, just let them have a legit selling mode long as blizzard gets a cut. so good to see players concerns answered...not.

and yes i must also add i long for pvp \so miss log in to play d2 and warp to the way point to have some goob in all hacked gear waiting to kill me, that was always so much fun.
whoopty-freakin'-do, most unexciting update ever
07/03/2012 09:16 AMPosted by Optiox
15% of what he said makes sense.

Alright...about time Blizz.

Now I have more stuff to buy my way through the game..

Then I can tell everyone else to L2P, when they complain


Heelloooooo.... All of these things should have been accessible AND FINELY TUNED:


This series is not an MMO and you people made it into an MMO (i.e. - Team Blizzard). And now the entire structure of what was commonly thought of as a Diablo game is ruined.

- The AH needs work.
- The items need work.
- The story needs work.
- Deckard Cain needs work (needs to be rezzed before he gets work though)
- Monsters need work.
- Content needs work.

Hell guys, there isn't enough maintenance on God's green Earth to take care of all of these things that need work. May as well dig a hole and throw this game in it :P j/k

But I will survive... As long as you, buy something.
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