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Best Items for level 60 Monk's?

Could you guys please give me a little detail on some of the best items id be looking for To save for my Monk when he is level 60?
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50k hp, 2500 dex, 800 all resist, 2.0 attk speed, 35~40% crit, 500+ crit dmg, 5% life steal.

try that
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uh...? sounds impossible
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Hahaha, just giving you an idea of what you're getting yourself into. You could also jump off a bridge to save yourself the trouble in a couple weeks.

You should probably start out with 1M to get act 1 to be beat-able.

Here's what I've found to help a lot (YMMV).
1. Get dex on everything, as much dex as you think you can afford
2. Get vit as well, but it's not as important as dex
3. Pick a resist and stack it with "One with Everything" passive. Try to get +40 of this on every one of your armors. If you can find one with +all resist, great. This is more important than armor!! (Though, of course, don't go off buying zero armor stuff)
4. Get a 800+ dps weapon. If you can't afford a lot, get a blue with dex or a socket (to put LoH into). If you can afford it, then get 2 or 3 of the following: High Dex, IAS, LoH, Socket.
5. Get a shield with at least 16% block (and high block damage if you can). Again, Dex, Resists and Vit.
6. Try to get at least 300 LoH. If you got it on your weapon, great. If not, you can find a cheap blue amulet to supplement.

You want to be at 1300+ dex, 650+ resists, 13k+ DPS and 25k+ hp. This will get you started for Act 1 farmable and with a few tweaks, probably Act 2.

If you're talking about Endgame Act 4 stuff? Then yeah, It's pretty much crazy impossible. Weenerella sums it up elegantly.
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Just amending the shield rec. 20+% block sacred shield, sacreds have max 4706 block.
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Hint: You'll be buying your gear from Auction. I have not looted a single piece I ever used @lvl60/ Until then your highest dps is fine
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