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What Primary Gear For Each Follower?

I find myself wondering just what is the best kind of gear for each follower. I mean I would guess Dex/Scoundrel, Int/Sorceress, Str/Templar, but what kind of stats work or don't work on gear other than wep?

I started out thinking that follower gear was simply a direct extension of character gear, but I have come to find out otherwise. Is there a comprehensive guild somewhere?
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I am not aware of a comprehensive guide, which would be pretty awesome. I do know that primary stats (str/dex/etc) only apply to the follower, not you, and those secondaries that do apply to you (magic find, gold find) only transfer a tiny fraction of their actual value to you.

Your best bet is to stack your chosen companion's primary as much as possible, as well as their role stats.

For instance, you'd want vit with a good blocking shield if you're templar is tanking.

I'm a barb main and roll with the enchantress for her defensive buffs, but her int is so high that she also does some crazy dps. I've focused on stacking int on her as much as possible, and giving her a 950 dps staff. :)
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Good feedback, Pendragon, thanks!

I was treating the follower as almost an extension of my character and so was probably "wasting" a lot of stats on them.

"Some crazy dps" sounds great to me! And a heavy duty tank for some of my more vulnerable classes (aren't they all, here and there, now and then?) sounds good too.

At the moment my Monk is my main interest and I have the Scoundrel running with him.
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I give all my fallowers equal love so all 3 of them have some good gears. My scoundrel has a good 900 dps xbow with 216 dex and his doing almost 5k, almost 4k for both my templar and enchantress. I switch to them depending on the situation.
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07/03/2012 08:04 AMPosted by Pendragon
(magic find, gold find) only transfer a tiny fraction of their actual value to you.

Just to clarify for anyone who roams into this thread, the amount of GF/MF transferred is 20% of your followers total MF/GF.

So if they have 100%, you get 20%.
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In reference to followers MF/GF do you still get the perk if they die?
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