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bug - Thief in Scoundrel questline can't die

I created a public game right at the quest checkpoint where you first meet the Scoundrel. I proceeded to begin the quest before any others joined.

The dialog all worked fine. I killed each group of theives as they appeared. During the final fight with Nigel Cutthroat, I noticed another thief that I hadn't killed yet. I tried targeting him, but I could not. AoE spells (like Hydra or Blizzard) did not hit him either.

I killed Nigel, and the quest dialog continued as normal. However, the other thief was still there. He could still hit me, but I could not hit him back.

At this point another player joined. I could see where the thief was hitting him, but he did not seem to be able to hit the thief.

I teleported back to town, made an annoucement to the other players who had now joined that I felt this game was potentially bugged and I logged out. I do not know if they were able to proceed beyond that point.

I did not see this listed with the other Known Issues, nor have I seen another thread about it.
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I've also experienced this while playing a solo game. Made a thread about it a few days ago.
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I've experienced the same issues as well.
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last bump for the bug team
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Had this happen last night in a co-op game. Not a big deal cause it was just a thief in Nightmare, but it makes you wonder if it could happen with a more dangerous monster in Inferno. An invincible teleporting molten jailer would suck.
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This bug happened to me tonight.

Level 10 - WitchDocter - HARDCORE mode Normal Difficulty.

The thief spawns from the room to the right (Group 2) that comes out. I may have killed with an AOE attack or one of my AI party may have killed it.

Result, this thief can't be targetted or killed. It will follow you and kill you anywhere. If you warp to town and back it will be there waiting for you.

This bug is serious as this is HARDCORE and if this thief hits me more than a few times I am toast.

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This issue still exists:


As can be seen from the video, all of what the OP posted is accurate. The thief is untargetable and is invulnerable to AoE attacks, but he can certainly hurt you. I didn't catch it in the video, but the event dialog all went through properly, and you can see that I was able to proceed to the Drowned Temple waypoint - albeit with the thief following me. He was still waiting when I ported back, as mentioned by therealMR.

I eventually logged out to get rid of him.

This was a single player, softcore game, Hell difficulty. I was using AoE attacks heavily, but I did not see what happened with this guy, simply noticed him still smacking me around after Nigel died. I've never seen this issue before and this is the best thread I found on the subject - the other, more recent post had no useful information at all. It seems to be somewhat rare, and I am unsure as to whether it can be reliably reproduced.
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