Diablo® III

How exactly did Baal and Mephisto's souls....

Get into the Black Soulstone?
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Play D2 and D2 LoD.
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They were in separate soulstones, which were destroyed..

So in Diablo 3 Mephisto is already in the Black Abyss, as well as Baal..

By my count, only Belial/Azmodan and Diablo (As Leah) are actually inside the Black Soulstone.

Mephisto's soulstone was destroyed at the Hellforge

Baal was only slain in the Worldstone chamber (Which is only a minor setback for a Demon it seems, or was his plan all along).
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When Diablo 3 came out, they stopped being dead.

Yes, for the past twelve years, they were dead.

It's called retcon. They're not dead anymore.
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I think in Act 2 or 3 Adria mentions she marked their bodies so their essence would be absorbed into the black soulstone. Doesn't make much sense but yeah.
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they came out of abyss, before bodies formed captured.
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As Adria explained it -- After the events of Diablo 1, Adria set out and 'marked' the souls of the Lords of Hells. Their souls being marked 'anchored' the Lords' to our world -- instead of disappearing into the abyss. The marked souls would then be absorbed into the Black Soulstone when it was finally activated/completed. It is implied that unmarked souls of the Lords, when killed, eventually reincarnate.

So if you follow Diablo 2 only -- essentially, Diablo and Mephisto are the only ones who actually die. This being that destroying their soulstone via hellforge, sends their soul into the abyss from which there is no return. Baal's stone is not actually destroyed by the hellforge, thus he lives. Andariel and Duriel have no soulstone, and are thus not 'dead'. And Azmodan and Belial essentially evade your notice in the game.

Diablo 3 claims that all the souls of all the lords (save for Azmodan and Belial) were marked to be absorbed into the stone. So when the Heroes 'killed' them in Diablo 2, they remained in a sort of 'limbo' -- instead of being reanimated, they were awaiting to be absorbed into the Black Soulstone. So when Kulle finally activates/completes the Soulstone, the souls of Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo are absorbed into the stone.
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at Leah's diary part 12 (i think...) you'll find the answer...adria (somehow) did it...
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07/04/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Kalmah
and she did this, prior to you killing them? While she was pregnant with leah, and while she had no clue of the "heroes" who were coming in diablo 2. I see..

There is nothing to indicate that it was done beforehand. If it's plausiable enough that she could mark a prime evil while he is alive, what is to say she couldn't mark their souls?
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This is where the phrase "it was Magic!" applies, except Jay Wilson is dead serious about that.
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Can't wait for the Blizzcon and Story Q&A Panel.
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