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Same issue here; frequent disconnects mostly when I try to whirlwind+sprint, but my girlfriend gets it on her wizard too. This did not happen pre-patch, so something changed.
Its not about rage or something like that man, its jsut like we can play other games perfect but when we try to play D3 its always our fault like I dont understand. Im playing SC2 as well and I dont have any problem. Bu least 2 weaks its like impossible to play, Im dc every 15 min of game, tried everything but dosent matter.

I dont think its our fault, my internet dosent have problem and I dont have problem in another games.
Same WW/Sprint issue here. I have zero problems running other builds for 4+ hour sessions. I have no internet connectivity problems that I'm aware of.

This can be reproduced 100% of the time by me going into the wide open area of Act 3 with the ballista and WW/Sprinting around as fast as I can. The extreme number of enemies hitting/getting hit causes a disconnect. It almost seems like I'm hitting a cap for actions per second and the game disconnects me.
I can play my level 60 DH all day any day without a incident. I hop on my level 60 WW/Sprint barb and bam get the disconnect. Ive tried the walk through fixes in which I knew wouldnt fix it any way. Ive searched through the forums pretty intensly yet have seen a repair for this.
^ same this only happens to me when on my WW/Sprint Barb...monk, DH and Wiz have not had this happen yet.
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Yes me too!!

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I am a barb with WW/ Sprint and i'm getting frequent disconnects too
greetings, im from EU..

receiving the same errors with WW build.

same problem for me :(
im having an issue similar to this except.. i can log on and when i join a game it disconnects me back to character selector and i can still do stuff on the AH :/ its quite annoying
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its something on blizzards end.. won't be fixed till they admit it, and fix it.. until then they'll have you try crap that won't work to make it look like they're trying to help and pretend the issue is you, just like they did with the disconnect issues at launch, which suddenly went away after a maintenence.

been happening to me and lots of friends since 1.0.4, lucky to finish a run. game breaking bug, oh well... let it be.
I play a DH and Monk. I have been having this disconnect problem for a while now. I play many other games online, including WOW, and I do not get DCed from them!.. IE it must be the game. :(
constant dc's here.
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I have been having the same problem .I play to about level 10 hardcore then I startgetting disconnect from client server. I loose every character . Im tired of this. I spent alot of gold and time. On reg game play I don't really have this problem I do get it sometimes but I just run my system check . Can Someone give a solution? and don't say it is my pc hardware because I know it is not.I have tried all the quick fixes and still have this problem! Fix the server please!
I've been having the same problem as well since the last patch. Massive lag spikes and disconnects in Diablo only. Internet running smooth as silk otherwise. Not running anymore portals or hardcore till they get this fixed.
Yep. This has never been an issue for me. Just started noticing it last couple days.

I just did a tracert to D3 servers. All clear and good until after the 2nd attens.net hop, then timeout city.
Same problem here i tried everything from above and still have disconnection problems. My mate who works at a internetcompany checked my setting and firewalls and there is nothing wrong with them.
I think its server related or blizzard related and not our computers.
Also going to chime in. Have been having terrible lag, only started since maintenance. I think something got messed up. Was perfect before and now D3 is unplayable due to the lag. Everything else runs perfectly, just not D3... I only play hardcore therefore this is a serious problem.
Not sure if anything was changed, but everything seems to be working fine now :p I wonder if it has something to do with off hours and bandwidth
Hello fellow disconnectors. Like you all I had disconnects constantly. I searched the web nothin tech sup nothin but then I remebered another game that I had trouble with and you had right click the icon an run as adminastater this has fixed this issue for me with diablo3 hope it helps you guys. Discons suck and are frickin frustratin
Sincerly Billy C.
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