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Tank DH?

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Thinking of making one for my Next HC Char - can anyone whos actually done it (Inferno Level) - give me some pointers on which abilities you tend to run with?..

I cant really see any defence synergy in their abilities, so just looking for tips :)

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tanky dh is no help in a group, bad dps, can't tank, most people wouldn't want you in their group.

dh's are too flimsy anyway, go with a wiz or wd- better imo
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Not really tanky, but these skills reduce damage dealt by enemies.

You can try a support/CC build: Grenades with Stun Grenades, Elemental Arrow with Screaming Skull, Caltrops with Torturous Ground, Marked for Death, Rain of Vengeance, etc.
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Possibly - but I want to know how you would set it up :)
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Well, I use http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bRdXVT!aYe!aabZbZ

However for the "Tank DH" build, maybe something like this? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bSXYTk!UbV!acZZZc or with Shadow Power (Gloom) over Companion (Bat)?
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This is my Tank DH build in SC, FYR:


Taking back the HP by multiple LOH(around 800) by Caltrops & Grenades, and regen some discipline by crit, reduced enemies dmg. You can be more defensive by switching the passive skills.

1. See Elites
2. stack 5 caltrops(LOH)
3. Setup Sentry(reduce dmg)
4. unload the elemental arrows(LOH, +discipline by crit)
5. when no hatred, throw Gas Grenades(DOT Dmg, 3 X LOH(not verified), +Hatred)
6. go to 2, any accident fire up Preparation/Shadow Power or both

Still need to move if u see enemies AOE stacking, or more than 1 Arcane laser going to hit you.

AND THIS IS SC BUILD, please test yourself if u intended to use in HC.
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