Diablo® III

DH Skill - Bola Shot (Acid Rune) Game Crash

Last night when I was playing D3 with my friends using my DH I had encountered 2 game crashes while elite clearing on Act 2 - Blood and Stone quest.

I have suspected that the cause of the crash might be due to a broken pathfind of the said skill. To elaborate further, I was on an elevated ground while shooting them bolas at some trash mobs when suddenly the game freeze like forever until I had to force my PC to shutdown. This happened twice (as I have mentioned earlier)... same setup instead the second one was that the mobs were on the elevated ground and I was on a lower ground shooting. Talk about wasted 5 stacks of NV twice!

Skills I was using that time were:

  • Bola Shot (Acid)
  • Cluster Arrows (Loaded for Bear)
  • Prep (Backup)
  • Caltrop (Stun)
  • Vault (Acrobatic)
  • SS (Lingering)

Passive: Archery, Steady Aim, Tactical Advantage
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just want to report i had the same problem using bola shot acid just now. client crashed. With my old skill setup there was never a problem like that, i only changed my primary to bola shot acid for some testing and then my client crashed.

Other skills i was using include:

impale, vault, preparation, smoke screen, tac vantage, night stalker, archery.
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Same/Similar problem only happens with Bolo/Acid skills (my normal ones) and when there is slight to heavy lag. In my case locks my game screen and sound causes the sound card to stutter - force task manager to close, lose NV, toss comp out window (LOL).
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I also experienced this. My situation is similar to Izpep. The game freezes, sound stutters, and I am forced to quit to windows via task manager. This only happens when I use Acid Bola.

There is no sign beforehand that it will happen, it just does. I should also add that I used Acid Bold fine in Act II without any crashes. But it happened 3 times in Act III already.

EDIT: More info

This happened when I was lighting the signal fires in Act III, and down in the basement of the the fort (Act III) on my way to Ghom in nightmare. It happened about once every 2 hours or so.

My system details are:
I run Windows Vista SP2 and my graphics card is Radeon HD 4850 Driver version 12.3. AMD Phenom 8650 CPU, 8 GB RAM, Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI-E sound card.
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I've been having the same problem for several days now.
I'm playing Inferno Act I. I never had any bug or crash before using Bola Shot w. Acid Strike.
While Inferno is a bit rough, I found Bola Shot with Acid Strike quite efficient, and wanted to stick to this. Yesterday my game crashed 4 times, and today I was only able to play 35mn before it crashed again.
I didn't do any hardware update since I installed the game (not any change in GPU driver, etc...).
Twice already, I discovered I had been considered dead when I logged back, ending with a nice 4500 gp bill to repair my stuff (should be great if you play hardcore!).

I use:
Bola Shot / Acid Strike
Rapid Fire / Withering Fire
Vault / Trail of Cinders
Spike Trap / Scatter
Caltrops / Jagged Spikes
Rain of Vengeance / Flying Strike
Vengeance + Tactical Advantage + Hot Pursuit

Inferno is hard enough without the game crashing, ruining the Nephalem Valor progress in the process.

It's odd, but it's like the game lost stability with the last updates.

Please Blizzard, your game is already frustrating enough... If it keeps on crashing, if I just can't play the character I like, why continue playing it?
This crash problem has been described by many players since early June... Why are-we still waiting for a patch?
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I have this problem often with acid bola. I began using the acid bola in Inferno with no problems until Act III, so I thought it only happened during that Act, but it *just* happened in Act IV. It always happens when I am holding shift and shooting the acid bola and there are multiple enemies on the screen. The screen freezes and sound stutters, but I can exit Diablo III without having to restart my computer. I have experienced this on two separate computers also.

Also want to add apologies if this is going to be fixed in the upcoming patch, which would be terrific.
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me too! everytime i select bola shot (acid strike) and attack, the game HANG!
sometimes 1 minute, sometimes longer and hang at last.
i like the acid strike, but unfortunately, it has bug.
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Im having this problem as well.. which is a shame because I really like acid strike :S

EDIT: I read there was a way to get log files of crashes but cant find the info or remember. Any ideas?
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I have the same problem with Bola Shot - Acid strike. I reported the bug and no answers :


I cannot use my template based on poison damages :(
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I had the same problem when it was my DH primary skill, if you play the game in a window you dont have to reboot the whole machine, but if its in a window you can flip over to task manager and shut it down with out rebooting windows
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I think its a bug or error having to do with sound animations or video card or mouse or something and its usually when there is a lot of monsters when a lot of rares or legs go to hit the ground I use a kingston mouse maybe thats it because sometimes it actls like the middle button was pressed and held down when i flip over to windows after ending diablo in the task mgr but sound stutters and usually there is a lot of monsters in the screen to as well
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Fix this pls ! I want to play normally ! These game client crashes piss me off !

Add this bug to "1.0.5 Known bugs" list at least.

A french blizzard gamemaster told me to post on the US section and even here nobody cares about this problem !
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UP Again, my game has crashed again with Bola Shot (Acid Rune).

Any GM answer about this problem pls ?
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