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[Service] Dreamless's Wizard Consultation #2

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The previous thread, found at https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5889799989?page=1 , has reached the thread limit so opening up a new thread now. Thank you for the continued feedback and support.

Disclaimer/Intro: This consultation service is aimed at helping you make the most of your money in the long run with smart gear purchase at good market value through a mixture of ideaology and analysis. I, by no means, am a professional consultant but I do consider myself an extremely knowledgeable wizard.

Battletag: Seraphim#1104
145 Typed Words per Minute
47.5k HP, 5.7k Armor, 1080-1150 Resists
143.5k Buffed DPS, (Force Weapon + Glass cannon + Sparkflint, post 1.03)
Stats - http://i.imgur.com/N3qIm.png
Gear - http://i.imgur.com/wfUuS.jpg
[5.0k USD earned to date (account value included) 1.5k USD reinvested via RMAH into gear]

Due to demand and feedback on my guide thread [Making the best of patch 1.03] which I STRONGLY urge you to read to gain some foundation, found here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5889449005?page=1 , I was encouraged to try and set up a consultation service for wizards. If you have small questions regarding gear, items, values, or builds ask away and I'll get back to you as soon as possible in game or via forums.

If you require a thorough gear analysis, I'm available in game to do a consultation in which we will cover whatever is required but not limited to:

**Ideaology - adjusting your playstyle and thinking to maximize wizard potential and efficency.
**Build/Rune Analysis - how to optimize for Archon, Teleport, Diamondskin, Melee Wizard. etc.
**Full Item Analysis - optimizing for damage/survivability following current market trends, market valuation, upgrade pathways
**Damage/Mitigation analysis - Understanding how to optimize each item slot and the value of 1% Crit, Damage, INT, VIT, Armor relative to survivability and efficiency. Downloading the Wizard DPS Calculator is STRONGLY recommended.
**Run Analysis - optimizing drop rates, MF gear logic, and efficient routes
**Market trends - Min/maxing logic, tackling the market at optimal trade/auction times, item and commodity volume/flow

Rates -
Prices are set based on the current market value of gold and also based on my backlog. I also accept a Gold->RMAH near equivalent of BNet Balance/Paypal albiet with a slight premium. Due to feedback and backlog, rates have undergone a drastic shift upwards. Pricing will be based around a USD value as gold is currently volatile. The rate is 16 ~ USD for a full consultation and 9 USD for the economy package. Via Gold, this translates to:

Full consultation -- 13.8m/15 minutes + prorated. -- Full consultation services
Economy package --7.9m/5 minutes. --Thorough gear check and item planning/efficient upgrade + market valuation analysis.
Butler service -- 5.0m + 15% of capital spent. -- I will make market purchases/appraisals for you in order to take advantage full advantage of my experience with the market so you don't, effectively, get ripped off with an inefficient purchase or poor purchasing routes. To effectively utilize this service, I suggest having a capital reserve of 35m+ currently and Skype and a prior consultation is recommended.

For future clients, I look forward to evaluating your gear, build, and items. Please include in your friend request that you require consulting!
Again, if you have minor questions or ideas, shoot them here. I'm more than happy to answer. Feedback and thumbs up appreciated!

Due to current computer issues, I will only be able to conduct a consultation via Skype and payment via Paypal with a screenshot of gear. If you require one, drop me a friend request on Diablo III with your Skype contact information!

Prior reviews and feedback can be found at my previous thread at https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5889799989?page=1.
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Bump ^_^


First, great thread here I'm sure lots of people have benefited significantly from the help. I have completed ACT II but getting pwned in ACT III and can only really comfortably farm ACT I which is what I have been doing for a few weeks now. I can do ACT II but its really slow (blizz-hydra) and with considerable dying going on. Just reached about 5mill so a long way to go to be able to buy decent gear at this point and consider a good butler service.

If I go full DPS build which would be my preference (sparkflint, force weapon, pinpoint barrier-archon), I can reach 40k DPS which is what I am doing to farm ACT I. I noticed that when I get the frenzy buff it goes all the way to 50k and the difference in AS is pretty low (1.09 to 1.34) so I am guessing I need to really get some IAS for more DPS and maybe be able to farm ACT II. Would appreciate if you can take a quick look at gear-stats (completely unbuffed) and let me know what you would focus on upgrading as first steps:


I am open to any other builds as well, (except melee, don't feel wizard is supposed to be melee) just like archon since you can farm quickly.[/quote]
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First off, let me give you my extreme gratitude. What a fantastic analysis! I have been applying your techniques and recommending your threads to all my wizard friends. You have definitely made my playing experience enjoyable!

Whether or not you get the time to respond to my question, I just wanted to thank you.

I have a tendency to ramble, so I will try to be brief and to the point. I have been searching far and wide for ways to improve my dps. Right now I sit at 38k unbuffed dps, and it seems next to impossible to make any great improvements in that department. My health is 40k, resists are nearly 600 unbuffed, attack speed is 17%, crit dmg is 90%, and crit chance is 20%. My weapon DPS is 843. Here is a link to my gear/stats:


I am asking your advice on ways to improve my gear, or any weak areas you see. I know I have a pretty crappy magic ring, but that came really cheap and it provides 230 equivalent int points (I think), taking into account the +dmg and +ias.

I know you are a busy guy. If this is too involved of a question, I have no problem in paying for your services. Maybe the butler service is what I need. I am just getting continually frustrated in spending millions of gold and finding out I am getting a 1-3k DPS boost. I would like to try and hit 60-70k.
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Oroo, did you try a 900dps 1H with a socket and a decent source?
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@Oroo Easiest upgrades are your chestpiece/pants/bracers. The Chestpiece/Pants all can roll up to 200 INT, 300 VIT, and we haven't capitalized on the excellent VIT cap. I recommend about 170ish total stats with 3 sockets @ 40 resists in your budget. Drop the armor on that and the pants. For pants, about 200ish total stats @ 40 resists 2 sockets. Both can be found around the 1m price range. As for your bracers, About 105 INT, 70ish VIT 4.5% crit is the way to go for about ~1mil. You can wiggle the stats up as you see fit as those are the most BASE numbers. The extra VIT should help you considerably.

@Vellek You want to drop the VIT/Resists on your helm in favor of 4.5% crit. Keep the socket and INT above 150. Also with the ring, pick up a 2.5% CC, 6% speed ring, @ 50 INT and you should remain in budget, Amulet too pick up a 170 INT, 58% CD amulet and make up those VIT values by swapping into high VIT pants/chest. The breakpoints can be found above from Oroo's post but you want to wiggle your numbers up to 190ish and 230ish. @ 3 and 2 sockets respectively.
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I'm not sure what the waiting list is like for your services, but I'd certainly like to give it a go with a consult/butler deal.

Surma#1140 just in case. I'll be available pretty much all day and most of the night once I get home in an hour or so.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to giving this a shot.
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After your butler service, I was able to clear inferno! :)

Looking forward to next consult. Hit me up if you see me and have time.
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@Caribou71 Thx man (or girl ;), actually I did try a 900+ 1 hander with decent source from a cousin that has over 50k DPS. The increase was less than 500 total in DPS. That's why I dropped on that idea until I have 10mill or more to pop on a decent 1k+ 1 hander.

@Dreamless Many thanks for the guidance. I will work on that and hopefully not so long down the road can build around 20mill to get some butler service time :).
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I'll try to explain my situation and I want you to advice me about what advice service :P (adviceception :P) I would chose.
My English is quite bad, my pronunciation just sucks and while I while generaly fully understand what I read I may have a bad time understanding what I listen, so I don't think Skype is a good idea to me.
I started to play a lot less this week, and I'm thinking about dropping the game for several months because I have better things to do and I'm a bit bored and I know I'll enjoy this game after a good amount of time without playing it.
But with the current inflation I don't want my gold to become worthless.
While I always made my purchases for my own, I don't have the time (or will) to do this and I'm a bid outdated about market prices.
So I want to expend my 47 millions in something.
Do you recommend me to take your barter service? I think I don't need to upload my build because you can see it using "inspect" tool in the game.
The other option I have is to gamble most of my money buy mats and when I return to the game start crafting 6 props pants/gloves/boots :p
EDIT: I can't log in... I think the server is down =(, I'll see if I have any screenshots of my gear in my computer.

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@Surma, Im a bit backlogged currently and BNet servers are down. I may not be available for consultation till later tonight.

@Oroo Not a problem

@SqueeSpleen What happened to Spoon? Mid tier gear degenerates as gear volume increases in the server. The best way to maintain your assets is to convert gold into USD via RMAH and then reinvest it at a later time. Having me butler you for gear if you don't plan on playing will not be the most economical choice. However, with 45+ mil, we'd be able to put you in a very comfortable farming spot SHOULD you decide to play. Otherwise RMAH some jewelry to convert your assets. Rings are recommended.
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SqueeSpleenSpoon was so long to 12 letters name.
OK, I'll see in the AH, I currently have 110 blizbucks because I sold some things in RMAH to avoid gold deflation.
I'll do some research to find the best choises to maintain my assets.
I recently sold a 6% ias, 2% crit chance, 25% crit dmg, 68 dex, 11-23 dmg ring, I think I'd better to store it, but I wasn't sure about dropping the game for a while.
But I really miss Techies.
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Dreamless, I know you've said you're backlogged, so I won't necessarily bother you with a friend invite and some ingame questions. A quick suggestion or two would be helpful here, though.

I've clearly predominantly focused on survivability, as I've been playing the old standard Blizz/Hydra kiting build fairly exclusively. I'd like to try other builds, but with the gear I've got, I don't really feel that's a possibility. Where would you begin?

The build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#alXROS!YTX!cbabcZ

The stats: http://i1254.photobucket.com/albums/hh616/xaos-/xaosstats.jpg

(I did not have force/prismatic, nor magic weapon active at the time of the screenshot- the only stat modification was Glass Cannon)

I'm going to toss you an invite, so in the event you've some time, It'll be waiting there.
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+1 Testimonial here ---

There is a lot of misinformation out there right now in regards to gearing correctly. I thought I was going on the right track for gear until I paid for Dreamless' consultation service. Not only was I way off, I had probably wasted over 30 million on pieces of gear with inefficient and/or overpriced modifiers. Dreamless doesn't just tell you what to do, he educates you. With his advice and instruction, you will be able to make informed decisions, revolving around the current market, on how to reach maximum efficiency for the lowest cost. In the long run, I can honestly say that he will save me hundreds of millions in gear spending. This isn't a one time thing - he's offering you valuable information that will arm you throughout the rest of your days playing Diablo. There are no secrets or gimmicks: the information given to you is all out there already, but he makes sense of all of it in tandem with market values. He should honestly be charging much more for this service, and I highly, highly recommend it.
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Just took the butler service. Dedicted to his work :P
and upgraded my character alot. Nice guy and his knowledge about wizard and market are really amazing :) Highly recomended
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@Xaos, Blizzard+Hydra has a bit of variability. Your defensive can be Teleport+Ill, Archon + CM, or Diamondskin + CM. You are also free to switch out Blizz for something like Slow time +20% Damage rune or Miasma as those help kiting as well.
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Been waiting a couple days. You going to be doing some consults tonight?
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hey there, i have added u on skype unfortunately i live in hk and there is a big time difference. wut time do u usually go online for skype/ d3?

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@Achilles I'm online currently. Had you in my backlog for about 4 days now. I'm on usually 3pm - 10 pm EST.
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Backlog building up faster than its clearing.
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So just had to come back here and report. AWESOME! I just spent less than 500k in a couple of upgrades (haven't found a nice enough deal for chest yet) and could cruise my way to belial and pwn him in archon build.

Gonna venture in ACT III and see how steep the repair build goes :). Dreamless, thank you!
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