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Stop saying PvP will be "Pay to win"

07/09/2012 10:21 AMPosted by Gunblade
There is also matchmaking in WoW and those who played know it will be terrible

Low level PvP in WoW was never really good, but it was certainly better before they introduced heirlooms. Getting one-shot by warrior charge is not exactly fun. Killing a single rogue twink with 3 non-twink teammates was actually quite fun. Or killed by any hunter before you can reach them.

Is there something similar to heirlooms in D3? Yes, there is.
A level 19 character with radiant star gems in every slot will beat the !@#$ out of everyone else.
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Blizz is going to do their match making based solely on your total gear level...

I fully expect this to be a "pay to win" situtation.
matchmaking won't work with the currecnt ilvl system. plus fighting in a box is lolz.
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Its just an excuse bad players use. The new generation of gamers can't play a game without crying about balance when they lose. I beat people in D2 on my sorc using MF gear. I beat people in WoW using full blues while they had epics. Gear isn't as big a deal as forum whiners make it sound.

And no, ilvl isn't the only way they could do matchmaking, it could be based on stats, genius.

Stats or iLvl really make no difference. Can just as easily wear low stat gear and get matched up with weaker opponents heh.
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This game is so much about gear, forget about balanced pvp on diablo.
It still will be pay to win, the tier ranges are going to be massive, you would actually be able to buy better gear but still stay within the tier.
Unless there is NO RMAH, then PvP will be 100% pay to win.
It's pay to win. If you think, even for a second, that they will come through with their promises on this content....you have been asleep for the last, almost, 2 months. They have yet to deliver on anything they've said.

Unless resistances are negligible in pvp...good luck killing monks and barbs with their 1000-1500 resistances, my 200-500 resistance squishies.

If you're getting #@@%d, you might just feel the need to buy a 1200 dps 100+ primary stat weapon. After doing that, you might find it pretty strange when you start to do well. But, even then, pay to win will just be a myth, right?
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07/09/2012 10:10 AMPosted by obscura
Stop spreading this misinformation. Blizzard has said multiple times, THERE WILL BE MATCHMAKING BASED ON YOUR GEAR.

And it worked so well for WoW...
07/09/2012 10:15 AMPosted by shirokuma
You trust them to match players by their gear value when they assign level 61 to a blank ring with a single socket?
Well I'm guessing it will be something akin to World of Tanks matchmaking. If you haven't had the pleasure of being bent over by a tank 5 levels above you, well you don't know what you're missing.
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07/09/2012 10:10 AMPosted by obscura
Stop spreading this misinformation. Blizzard has said multiple times, THERE WILL BE MATCHMAKING BASED ON YOUR GEAR.

You're slow aren't you. So let's say we match everyone with ilevel 63 gear with people who have an average ilevel 63 gear. Gear has such HIGH ranges in terms of stats that it is PAY TO WIN. They need to fix their gear before they even try this competitive pvp crap.
07/09/2012 10:10 AMPosted by obscura
Stop spreading this misinformation. Blizzard has said multiple times, THERE WILL BE MATCHMAKING BASED ON YOUR GEAR.

PVP will be the most redculous part of D3. they cant properly ballance PVE... i cant imagine PVP
07/09/2012 10:25 AMPosted by obscura
Another point. If it is matchmaking by gear. And I who do not buy stuff on the RMAH lose vs my opponent who buys on RMAH it is still P2W.

So you're saying if ANYONE who bought something on the RMAH beats you its pay to win? You know there's such a thing as being outplayed?

Of course. He paid money in the RMAh and that is the reason he won against me in this situation.
He paid and he won
Pay to win

If I earn my gear hard by myself and some other guy buys it for 500 and defeats me, guess what, he paid to win.
Wahh this guy played more than I did and is stronger then me. I demand free lootzorrs1!!1!1! This isn't the game for you...
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You people throwing "pay to win" around have apparently never seen a true pay to win game. There is no separate tier of gear available only through cash purchase. People using real money to buy items gain one advantage over those who don't, time saved.

A true "pay to win" game is one where the best quality of gear can only be obtained by making real money purchases. In Diablo, this quite simply is not the case. Sure, you might lose to a 14 year old kid that got $500 worth of RMAH loot, but that loot is no different then what is available on the GAH, or through drops in the game.

So yea, stop saying it, because you are wrong.
They would definitely have to just create matches based on your overall stats. PVP is going to be the same as PVE. Your frequent dying will be an indication that you need to farm/buy new gear in the AH. So yeah, pay to win.
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