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Public Games Matchmaking Clarification

One reason I'm pretty sure it's number of players in public games... I was playing act 1 on HC only 1 other person was displayed in the public game window, and sure enough I was paired with one person. I left that match then rejoined, and same person.
Another reason, when you place your cursor over the window it clearly states, "xxxx players in public games."
Quit fooling yourself Blizzard, your game is broken.
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07/10/2012 10:04 AMPosted by BigBaramundi
yeh hi all i still cant get on the game i cant download patch says it will close n update but i get an error yet i have a mate next to me but he got in fine a lil help plz this bs

Boot in safe mode with networking and do your updates from there.
I had the same problem and it worked a treat for me.

Good luck mate.
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07/10/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Lylirra
the Public Games window -- specifically, what the number represents and why it's changed so drastically since patch 1.0.3 released.

This is about players who no longer play/have no will to continue playing.
My compilation of "quick fixes" so far: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6080263591
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07/12/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Zhero
so, basically the counter is meant to be deceptive about what the number actually is or they changed its actual function.

the tool tip is correct showing the total players online. cm post is deceptive trying to explain something totaly different.

you can test this yourself. join a quest that has less than 4 players. quit and rejoin, quit rejoin, quit rejoin...etc. you'll notice you'll be matched to the same game with the same exact people every time.

try this again on quests that have around 6 players. quit then rejoing, quit rejoin...etc. you'll notice that sometimes you get paired with group A sometimes with group B but always one of those 2 groups.

the number showing the number of total players in public games is the number of players in public games and not number of games that are not full explained by the cm. if it showed number of games not full then that number should always be low like 2-3 because every new person who joins a game should fill out games just like in a queue. and you should not be seeing quests that have +10 which happens quite offen on popular quests.

my 2 cents
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07/10/2012 10:06 AMPosted by foreveryoung
hi i am jay wilson and i would like to report to you guys that there are nobody playing. only botters left now.

so botters are playing to sell stuff on the RMAH.. if only botters are left, then no one will buy anything, and botters wont make profit...

so why is there no one playing only botters?

Think before you write please... you will do the world a huge favor
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I read that they sold like 6.3million copy , times that by the price you paid for it .........
Blizzards laughing there heads off all the way to the bank . They SCAMMED us all . I do not even think that they have ever played Diablo or diablo 2 or D2 LOD . I only say that because those 3 titles have heart and soul . Diablo 3 ( sorry Auction house tycoon would be a better name for it ) has no heart or soul and will never have any . There is no end game at all . And say that

it's too difficult to balance two games (PvM and PvP) is a load of CRAP . Diablo 2 had both in it . How fun was it to jump in to a game and go hostile on the whole party , tele in behind them and kill them all . Or making a Duel game and having heaps of fun with your friends . As i said before DIABLO 3 has no heart or soul and never will . No wonder people are leaving this game . Thank you blizzard for showing us how bad you wrecked the name of Diablo by adding these numbers . CHEERS .
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07/10/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Lylirra
We understand that labeling this number as "In Games" in the Public Games window can be confusing, so we're currently looking into ways to make the number and what it represents more clear. In the meantime, we continue to closely monitor both the state of the game service and your questions and comments about Diablo III.

Thank you for the post Lylirra. Even though it's a bit late, since the topic furor has settled a bit, allow me to indulge the topic.

I like that Blizzard is usually confident enough to be more transparent with population numbers. As I type this (before 10am PST), SC2 tells me there are about 750k players on BattleNet, 14105 games worldwide, 3693 games in my region, and 174 players in public channels. I remember BattleNet 1.0 telling me similar stats when I logged into WC, SC, and Diablo.

So it's with a puzzled look that I look at the change for the D3 Public Games number.

With this explanation, I believe that match-making to place players in existing games, rather than creating separate games is good. But, I also feel that the Public Games number that represents the remaining number of open games is not a good stat to display, and can lead to further confusion about how many (few) people are playing and how (un)popular the game is.

I don't know why D3 has this stat messaging problem, but the solution to this whole thing is already implemented in other Blizzard games, so why it's not correctly implemented also in D3 is strange. You really only need 2 stats:
    1) Total number of players in public and private games in my region, or total number of public and private games in my region

    2) Total number of available public games (that any player can join) in my region

And actually, you don't need #2! The matchmaking goal is to place all players in games together until they get filled with 4 players. That game is then subtracted from the available public games numbers. You now want the Public Games number to be as low as possible! Instead of high numbers that show growing and/or continued interest, you want to get to 0, showing all players are being placed in public games toward the 4-player cap.

This Public Games number is confusing as currently implemented and can be interpreted the wrong way. If you allow any amount of truth to Bashiok's concurrency comment:

07/03/2012 01:06 PMPosted by Bashiok
Haha... oh wait, that's mean! I don't know that I'm allowed to release specific concurrency numbers, but we have hundreds upon hundreds of thousands playing every night. Comparing to just normal drop-off post release of a WoW expansion, Diablo III has been very solid, and it's not even out in China yet.

then the perception is, as many people have determined, that the game is not only suffering the usual player attrition rates, but there is also dwindling interest in playing in public games. This builds up the feeling of fewer players, disrupts the sense of community, and adds to the general malaise of the public forums.

The odd thing is, if there is any truth to Bashiok's comment, while community perception is that the game is "dying", the existing players may still be doing business in the auction house, continuing to provide revenue to Blizzard through the RMAH.

So, Blizzard, let us have some real numbers instead of a narrow, misleading subset stat. Couple this with a few policy changes to clean up the forums, and it might not feel like your community managers are hesitant to be a visible part of the community.
    1) Display the total number of players in public and private games in my region, or total number of public and private games in my region.

    2) Create stickied threads for specific topics for people to criticize, complain, and vent in, but strictly enforce constructive and positive discussion everywhere else.

    3) Empower the community managers to be a continual, visible presence, and to police as well as manage the community. Stop coddling the community, and prevent it from running roughshod all over the forums.

    4) Communicate over and over plans to improve the game play experience.

    5) Get the test server up.

And now, some fun post-patch 1.0.3 numbers. Remember, with the way the Public Games number is defined, and with player attrition naturally occurring (always a concern), the goal of this stat is to drop to 0. Note the consistent decline.

# of available Public Games in The Americas on Tuesdays, 12:30am PST:
June 26 = 1592
July 3 = 1190
July 10 = 1043
July 17 = 851
July 24 = 798

# of available Public Games in The Americas on Wednesdays, 10:30am PST:
June 20 = 1725
June 27 = 1587
July 4 = 1424
July 11 = 1114
July 18 = 1025
July 25 = 893

# of available Public Games in The Americas on Thursdays, 3:30pm PST:
June 21 = 1684
June 28 = 1458
July 5 = 1350
July 12 = 1074
July 19 = 1044
July 26 = 859

# of available Public Games in The Americas on Fridays, 8:30pm PST:
June 22 = 2388
June 29 = 1846
July 6 = 1620
July 13 = 1438
July 20 = 1206

# of available Public Games in The Americas on Saturdays, 11:30pm PST:
June 23 = 2144
June 30 = 1724
July 7 = 1372
July 14 = 1375
July 21 = 1134

One bonus solution to motivating players to play in public games (if that's what Blizzard wants, I'm not 100% sure):

Each public games player contributes their Magic Find stat on a decreasing scale toward a total Magic Find amount. For example, (keeping in mind these percentages can/must be adjusted to take economics in consideration):

(Example stat scaling)
The player with the highest Magic Find contributes 100% of their stat to the group's total.
2nd highest MF contributes 50% of their MF stat.
3rd highest contributes 25%
4th highest contrubtes 10%

4 players enter a public game with +100 MF, +50 MF, +50 MF, +20 MF.

The player with +100 MF adds 100% MF to the group total.
A player with +50 MF adds 25% MF to the group total
The other player with +50% MF adds 12.5% to the group total.
The last player with 20% MF adds 2% to the group total.

The group's total MF is 139.5 (100 + 25 + 12.5 + 2).
Everyone benefits by playing in public games by having an additive effect to MF, but economics is better controlled through a non-linear (and adjustable) scale. Feel free to apply this idea to other Public Game mechanics.
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I'm very surprised that they still haven't changed the way the counter works. No other Blizz game that displays player counts works like this... and now a lot of people seem to think there are only 1000ish people still playing D3, which is obviously very wrong.
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Anaba you should work for Blizz..kudos! Your MF solution is amazing too. Not too overpowered and absolutely better than the punishing state it is in right now.

Damn I knew my sales were higher on a Friday than Saturday now I know why. Friday is the day. I'm sad you didn't do one for Sunday though, people say that's the busiest day of traffic.

But yah it basically makes Lylirra's point kind of moot since it's cut in half since the time of the change. The fact remains, people are leaving in droves.
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Posted by Remedy
Really? THAT is what you have seen 'a lot' of concern about?

lmao. +1

That and gear swapping is the main concern of the players in Blizzard's opinion.

Yep. *Sigh*
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07/10/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Lylirra
and our goal has always been to promote the four player cooperative experience in Diablo III.

then why does it suck so bad to group with people in inferno? especially with the public game joining.

it seems that the game was balanced to have 4 people that know each other and work well together gather the best gear in the game and have a challenging time. this means that 100% of the PUGs are going to be pulling their hair out.

can you elaborate a bit on the design?
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