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Public Games Matchmaking Clarification

man people complain about the number, blizz responds and they deny ever talking about. what a horrible community.
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this game officially dead, who cares about that. put more content out and youll really get the attention again from loyal fans. get priorities straight before more people like myself up and gone
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Posted by Funkyhamster
It's good to hear that you're making sure people get populated public games. Since you're promoting the 4-player co-op experience, do you have plans to give players incentives to play co-op, perhaps through increased drop rates or some other mechanism?

honestly the only incentive you should need is that its fun.

When you share loot between friends and mess around on Skype it's worth it.

I don't see any reason to play public games though.
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07/10/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Ryan
In this thread, Blizzard attempts to convince us that people are enjoying the game, still.

yes, it's full on "damage control"

"Big" blizzard has reasoned if people are led to believe the game has inflated popularity they are more inclined to continue enjoying it.. otherwise they'd quit because everyone else is.

obviously the number should just be "101" at all times.
major Orwellian issue
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Now would you care to..you know. Explain to people why your "complicated" update isn't installing? I would think that's a bit further up on the pr agenda, wouldn't you?
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ty for the clarification. I think the focus of question from the customer side was the feeling that the amount of public games has been reduced, as a result of a drop off of players playing, which coincides with countless threads where customers are writing that they quit the game for x and y reasons.

Friends lists from many threads indicate that less players are playing, and a few websites have also shown about a 65% decline in players playing. A thread is in the forums about this for the link. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6036886947

Although it is nice to point out that there is an expected drop in public games due to better grouping mechanisims customers can see in their friends lists the amount of people no longer playing which they relate to the public game number being low.

20k+ at the begining of launch, to 1K+ currently in public games.

It should reflect more than just a change in grouping mechanics, it should reflect the disatisfaction customers are having with the current state of the game. Let's not sweep that under the rug like it's not happening.

Thank you for your clarification I guess what I'm saying is some people will not be convinced that this is enough to disprove that the playerbase is 35% of what is once was regretably.
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I just looked at this and the 1.03b patch notes...wtf, are you guys going to literally fix only stuff nobody cares about?
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...and why was this not included with the 1.0.3 patch notes?

...and why was the previous mechanics of match making not documented publicly?

Too opaque man. Obviously this information should be readily available.

You're making posts about it after the fact... just include them in the first place.
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cant patch game .....

Ohh wrong thread but there is no thread where Blizzard listens is there ...
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I know xfire is a pretty crappy way to gauge the playerbase of a game but, it peaked at 150k+ hours in one day and is now at an all time low of 34771 hours. Am I saying it's that bad across the board? No but, you have at admit there's nothing good that can be gleaned from that drop.

This is simply Blizz damage control to keep people playing.
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FINALLY! I can't believe it took them so long to answer this burning question that everyone has been caring about so much!!!! /sarcasm

Okay, I'll be serious. It's nice to know this is how the numbers are counted now. But it probably wasn't worth the time to post this considering all the other things everyone is clamouring for and wanting to get answers about. This was probably one of the last things on people's minds. Well, this and gear swapping.

Pick and issue people care about for once. You know, like... horrible drop rates, horrible chances for finding items, mob affix combos that are borderline impossible to beat, nerfs of things that players enjoy (like finding goblins, opening chests, destroying stuff in the world, exploring)... you know, just to name a few.
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Just watch this instead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SJU56ztBXw
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I just want to say this:

My friendlist 1 month ago:

14/20 logged

My friend list today:

me, and im checking the AH and then log off

dont insult my intelligence, thank you
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>People cry about how no one is at pub game anymore for weeks
>Blizz gives answer
>People flame blizz saying they don't give a !@#$
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I wanna know one thing. In D2, I could easily find tons of people doing Baal runs. Now I wanna do a siegebreaker run in D3, and it usually says "Players in this quest: 7" or something. Seriously?
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