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Error 3007 - Connection has timed out.

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I was in game and received the error, "THERE WAS AN ERROR CREATING YOUR OWN PARTY."

I lost 5 stacks and it's really frustrating losing them due to Blizzards forced "always online" bugs.
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is blizzard ever going to get it together i wonder? :P
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same here, i got error 3006,3007,3008
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Make the game online only they said...

More problems than any other game I have ever played in history...
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7 words - Thank god for beautiful women without clothing.
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Just got Error Creating my Party when I was playing by myself and I cannot sign back in. My password is accepted but I cannot pass the Authenticator Screen.
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Just got the error.

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<Lost 5 stacks of NV.

It's amazing that they can't stabilize the servers even after close to two months.

WTG BLIZZ! Rubberbanding and disconnects!
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This has happened to me twice in the last 5 minutes (lost 5 stacks of neph...)

Anyone else having connectivity issues?

Yes, there are several threads about it in the Technical Support forum.
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Same here. Lost my 5 stack while fighting Azmodan and almost had hm defeated, too. Well, as the Templar might say...

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Cant connect either................
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Got it numerous times after obtaining NV stacks, waste of time. Farming gold with these errors makes the game even more fun.
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Authenticating....timed out (Bi...tch Slapped)
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Just got kicked myself. I love losing 5 stacks :)
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srsly blizzard needs better team management!!!! i have seen so many complaints
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cant connect.
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booted twice in last 2 hours full 5 stacks both times, one time had a tough champ pack down to like 2% health, other time it crapped out on me just before I could click on the loot that had dropped. Dunno what it was, but at least one was legendary, two rares, and a few blues.... bullcrap.
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Same here~!
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Wouldn't let me choose a quest and now it won't authenticate. Cool.
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