Diablo® III

Error 3007 - Connection has timed out.

thought i was being hacked. downloaded authenticator for no reason. derp
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happened about 3 times in 2 hours, everytime with neph valor 5. now im getting 300008
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it happened to me for 2 days
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I can't authenticate.
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well i guess im not the only one off because of servers
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Same thing, got dropped a couple times, and now I can not even log in. When I enter my authentication code, I get "Request timed out".
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I never post in here but honestly I can't take this crap anymore. I expect much more than this from Blizz and have just about had enough. For a company that was head and shoulders above the rest and is now just a run of the mill "how much money can we make" Activision P.O.S. It is heartbreaking.
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I get this, and the "There was an error in creating your own party" even though I'm just solo running an act, had to redo belial 3 times because of this.
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Cannot even log in :(
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I JUST FOUND THE VEILED TREASURE! It was the last dungeon i needed for the act 2 exploration achievement. I entered it and just got logged out and didn't get the achievement.
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I was sitting on my character screen and it timed me out qqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
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Error creating your own party-- just got this error then booted noooooooo there goes 5 stacks
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i got it and now cant log back in
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I got 3007'd soon after i logged in, playing with a friend. logged back in and everything was fine. Just now my friend and I both got something along the lines of "There has been an error creating your party" and kicked us both. Now we can't log back in and its getting stuck at Authenticating. fun stuff.
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I am getting kicked every 10-30mins due to "can not connect" and "error creating your own party" 5 times so far today. It is not my modem, it is the crappy D3 servers.

Can not log in now either..........
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kicked off -- "error creating party blah blah" --- was in the middle of The Butcher on Hell. Grrrrrrr.

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"There was an error creating your own party." Didn't seem to be an error AN HOUR AGO WHEN I STARTED PLAYING!

Also, Blizzard, can you please implement a skill lock so I don't accidentally lose a stack of NV for reasons other than your crappy "always online" DRM?? Thanks!
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