Diablo® III

Error 3007 - Connection has timed out.

This has happened to me twice in the last 5 minutes (lost 5 stacks of neph...)

Anyone else having connectivity issues?

This has happened to me twice now, both times I had five stacks, and one time I was close to an act boss.

I was already seriously disappointed with this game, and this kind of server unreliability has made it final: after I liquidate my items, I'm gone.
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booted me out of the game, trying to log back in but got frozed loading authenticating credentials...
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Cant connect/authenticate. Gives error logging in. And I lost 5 stacks an hour ago to lost connection before this.
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Got kicked offline, and am now stuck at "Connecting to Server" for around a minute, and then the "Error 30008" pops up.
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Cool, good job blizzard. The only time I get to play today and I can't even log in.
Glad I bought this POS game. and that my money is being spent on bull!@#$ rather than fixing the game since it's not a subscription based game.
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error 3007
error 3008

Look! More hidden footprints!
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Just got "THERE WAS AN ERROR CREATING YOUR OWN PARTY." message... yellow amulet and a rune sword dropped... didn't get a chance to pick it up tho.... what bad luck.
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Happened to me too. I'm not one of the people trashing the game at every opportunity, but server crap like this is very annoying. Come on Bliz. It ain't like this is your first rodeo.
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Yup cannot create ur party even when i wasnt creating one... And now can log in. Damn it.
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Just got booted off, RIGHT AFTER beating Belial on "Inferno" (for the first time).
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*sigh* can we please just get an offline mode please? I dont care about the AH, I dont care about botters. In times like this (...and many other times unfortunately), I dont even care to play with my friends. I just want to play and this online only BS prevents that.
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I can't even log in now. After I use the authenticator code, it was stops there.
Had to wait for the cancel button to be clickable or wait long enough to see the error 3007
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07/09/2012 01:11 PMPosted by wolpak
whaa whaa whaa whaaaaaaa!

There, there.... It'll be ok.

Want a cookie and some warm milk? From my boob?

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Happened to me and I was just creating gems....bummer :(
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