Diablo® III

Error 3007 - Connection has timed out.

07/09/2012 01:08 PMPosted by mothmus
Error 300008 for the win!

Only that?

Hehe I feel special cuz I got a "07", "3005", "300007", "300008", etc~


Blizzard gave me more variety of errors then you!! It "blanks" me more! ^_^
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This is killing business...
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If this was WoW, this !@#$ would be figured out instanly, just because they pay for the account :/
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Look! More hidden bull!@#$! . . .
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It has been happening to me as well, but when this happens it logs me right out and does not allow me to log back in..
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34 Worgen Rogue
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Same happening to me and my wife
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I was on, had to get up for a minute then when I got back there was an error and I was booted from my game, when I closed that error got another one that was something about an error loading the the info for my Barb and Diablo 3 locked up, and now I am getting stuck on Authenticating when I try to log back on.
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07/09/2012 01:08 PMPosted by Robogob
Took 20 minutes in a 3 man party but I brought Ghom down to 10% hp solo (with a ton of micromanagement while fighting, no easymode faceroll) with 5 nv stacks and then it just randomly disconnects me. FU blizzard, FU.

Don't be surprised if you log in with 10% less durability.
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You guys have it easy...I was on my Barbarian with 5 stack NV on Inferno Act2.

Was fighting a pack of Elite Fallen Overseers(Jailor, Knockback, Waller, Desecrator) and accidentally pulled another pack of Wasp champions( Jailor, Vortex, Firechains, Plagued). I persevere and finally deliver the last killing blow on them when I noticed that I forgot to loot the Fallen Overseer Elite's loot (Had an Archon crown). The Wasps dropped an Archon Boots with another Archon Gloves when I got booted!

I feel so aggravated that I won't know what sort of trolling stat I would get on my Archon armors!
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Just happened to me after running to grab a drink, took 5 mins. Got the error "Cannot create game information" and it removed me all the way back to login screen where i cannot log in now.

This has been going on for a while now, not the first or second time its happened to me personally. Wtf is wrong with blizzard
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07/09/2012 01:13 PMPosted by Boogadie
This is killing business...


I see what 'ya did thar...
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this is crap :/ finally get a chance to play and this happens >_>
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cant wait for guild wars 2..
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It's gone dark, that can only mean one thing...Prepare for ground assault!
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Why does this only happen when i have 5 stacks and seem to be halfway through a good farming run?

They really do need to stop the getting rid of NV ...

for skill changes? Lame
for server disconnects when some random D-bag spills coffee on the server? Lame
thinking of doing it for gear swaps? LAME

let me keep my NV as long as i stay in the act im in
let me keep my NV if i change a skill
let me keep my NV if i randomly d/c like all day today
let me keep my NV if i wanna put on some MF gear pro style


Fix your game guys, before it gets so irritating people dont want to play
Edited by Boulvine#1558 on 7/9/2012 1:15 PM PDT
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I never have time to play and when I do, the server is down.
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Even the server is giving up for the game...
What's next...
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I'm glad i wasn't the only one having these problems.
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