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Fiery Brimstone Trade Glitch


I traded for 100 fiery brimstones, as it clearly said in the window, but I only got one.

Lost 10M, that sucks
Happened to me about 25mins ago, same exact thing, this isn't our mistake, we should get the money back and the guys who are willing using that bug, somehow punish.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6036506645 same problem reported 6 hours ago.
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same thing happened to me lost 14 mil there goes a day of farming
same thing happened to me
I submited a ticket and this is the response that i got

Hey there,

Game Master Basthonn here and I hope this message finds you doing well.

I am very sorry to hear that this happened to you while playing. :( I have seen many cases of other players that get into the same tough spot after doing some trade agreements with other players and it is never pretty when people scam others.

While this is not a type of play we endorse, as almost no one in the D3 community wants to see this kind of behavior, alas, we do not currently support trade scam transactions such as this, and will be unable to assist with this and we will be unable to reimburse for these types of transactions and agreements. These are considered "at your own risk" trades, and since both players will need to click Approve and all trades require the consent of both players, it is up to those players to make absolutely sure that the trade is correct before clicking the approve button.

With Diablo III, our goal is to provide players the means to effectively protect themselves from scams. Customer Support will not be able to intervene in cases where one player takes advantage of another. Because of this, it is up to every player to be aware of the systems in Diablo III that will protect them and exercise good judgment when trading with others in-game.

The Auction House and secure trade window provide ways to safely trade with other players in Diablo III. Avoid trades that are not conducted through these systems, as both provide ways for players to clearly see the items and amount of gold that will be traded.

Again I am very sorry this happened to you though and I hope in the future you are very very cautious with this type of trade to other players and have no other issues like this one.

Thank you again for contacting us and I hope you continue to enjoy your experience in Diablo III!


Game Master Basthonn
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

Pretty lame since this is an exploit and not a scam.
It's a scam, buy them on the AH.
lets raise awareness about this so blizzard does something to help its loyal customers. If I wanted to get scammed I'd be going through 3rd party websites to buy things!
its a bug when you split anything that stacks lets say 100 stack of books.. you split them to 1 and 99. then you trade someone and put the 1 in the trade window and the other person still sees stack of 100 in the window even tough there is only 1
keep these forums rolling with new posts so we can get some blizz love and our golds returned!!!
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I got scammed yesterday, I posted almost 24 hours ago and still nothing?...

Frankly this is outrageous, imagine the guy, stealing all the money he wants like that, then buying crazy items.

I know the scammer has at least 2 accounts. Doing so with the level one char, goes on the AH buy stuff on the gold AH, crazy items, over 100M, goes on the Cash AH.

He's not only stealing our 10M(or whatever amounts) he's making money out of it...

I mean not even all the people would come on the forum and post about it. He most have gotten probably over 50 people. 500M, here goes the "safe trade window" and here goes the "go scammer, you can do it and this time you make money out of it"...
Same happened to me yesterday night.
He put 100 in the trade window but i just got one...
Please fix this.
Use the AH, you dimwits.
What the...
"...and since both players will need to click Approve and all trades require the consent of both players, it is up to those players to make absolutely sure that the trade is correct before clicking the approve button."

How can you make sure that the trade is correct when the wrong nummber of items is displayed!? (Try it, it displays the number of all brimstones in your inventory, not the one in the trade window)

He didn't even read your Ticket.
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Same thing happened to me a couple days ago, did some poking around and found their policy on trade scams. basically says we provide AH and 'secure trade window' so therefore if you ever get scammed its your own fault.

That moderator ryanlau talked to isn't the only one not paying attention, its all of blizzard. This is an exploit and is made possible because of their 'secure trade window'. I lost 7mil which may not seem like much to people, but was basically all I had. bye bye Diablo 3

Anything is new about that?

Any progress?
Happened to me as well. I made sure that it showed 100 in trade window before clicking ok. I sent an email to blizzard but expect them to blow me off as they did before.
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It just happened to me to. they really need to fix this because this makes their 'secure trade window' not secure its bull**** and they need to fix it.
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I was scammed for 5million from kenny#1424 advertising 55 brimestone for 5.5m
kenny#1424 got me for 8 million on 84 brimstones, watched the window close and it said 84 the entire time, obviously a glitch of some sort please address blizz
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