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GeForce Freeze Bandaid Solution

I do think it is a shared issue for GeForce GPUs, as much, much better systems still suffer bugs with this game. I use GeForce 9800GT 512RAM.

I have tried it, tested it, so far it is working, it "feels" better at the very least. If mine craps up, I honestly think it's just my system. If there is still freezing, I will be taking down this post.

My game's been freezing my system while playing DIII numerous times, all random, which points to GPU heat issues, or just struggling to keep up with the pace of the game. I play other graphics-heavy games, and it does not freeze like DIII. Why random? Game's perfect. Great settings, max resolution for my system, smooth gaming then poof. Lowest settings, poof. Windowed not windowed, POOF. Idle in town, POOF. Minimize DIII, surf, do whatever, maximize DIII POOF. Ten minutes into playing POOF. Fifteen? POOF. One hour? POOF. Thirty minutes? POOF. Cool down system, stresstest your system without DIII, fine. Turn on DIII POOF. Yes, all related to DIII. Seems funny but it is frustrating.

This can also be a solution for driver crashes for those experiencing Chrome crashes due to Flash (minor solution: disable hardware acceleration for your flash)

This was the solution that worked for me, might work for you. The following will help out your old (or new) GPU's temps as well. My temps ranged from 60-70c prior to some tweaks, and after, never went beyond 60c. No OC.


- Roll back drivers to 296.10 (Stop here, do not go beyond. You can go lower, but I would not know how it will react). Search for it in the nvidia website. This will also work for those suffering issues from Flash conflicts with their browsers. This is the first WHQL set that also accomodates DIII if I am not mistaken. Prior to this set of drivers, you probably will get the "drivers are outdated" whatever. This will probably fix some issues.

- Check your Nvidia Control Panel. Turn off FXAA, do not use any "adaptive" v-sync and check your PhysX processing. Take note, the earlier two mentioned come along with the latest drivers, and I think they are the ones conflicting with everything. Leave it at "auto-selected", or make it CPU. This is the main cause for intense heat. At least for my card, it was a 10c loss when I auto-selected. DIII is a PhysX-heavy game, which makes it more fun AND frustrating with the freeze.

To summarize, the game's truly at fault here. If not the game, then on Nvidia. There is something broken there that does not maintain stability with the GPUs. I am no expert, but if you are like me, where your PC only craps up on DIII games, then you know something's up with the game. Don't be too hard on yourself or anything if you think it's your system. Before doing anything else about your system, please do be patient and diagnose it before underclocking or whatnot.

My system:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core

Hope this helps somewhat. Worth giving a shot before tinkering with the hardware.
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After testing out the settings, it would seem that the main issue for overheating is not capping your max foreground FPS.

I capped mine to 30fps, seems good enough. Anything higher than that causes problems.

I've read several posts stating that it is an "end-user problem" if it overheats or whatnot. Really? So your system is boss on everything BUT Diablo III? I find that hard to believe. A lot of people share the same issue, I have no idea why it does it to mine really.

As an observation as well. My GPU temps never go past beyond 60c now, and it still freezes that I need to reset the PC. It happened faster when I thought I figured out the issue and did not set a max FPS rate on the video settings. Everything's going fine, temp's fine, gaming's fine, then it freezes that you need a hard reset.

I have reason to believe it is a temp issue, as I am familiar with it in the past with my older systems. However, no matter how graphics-heavy a game is, all that it should do is crap up your FPS, not seem like it runs awesome then it freezes. It is a tragedy as it is so difficult to pinpoint the issue as it spans across ALL kinds of platforms, systems, what-have-you. I assume this is the reason Blizzard is also not responding. The variables are just too inconsistent with a shared issue you have no idea where to begin.

Hopefully upon testing further the max FPS thing just might work. Will update further.
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So I was able to play Diablo III for about 2 hours, no hiccups. Everything was up in my system, from iTunes, Acrobat Reader, Chrome with lots of tabs, torrents, everything.

Settings of DIII were what was given to me by the game except the resolution, which is higher (1920x1080). So that means high texture and PhysX; medium clutter and shadow. The key most probably is turning on the Vsync, then capping your max FPS. Related or not, seems to work on my end.

Will update if it craps up again. So far this has been the best setup, with the best detail for me, without actually crapping up. Hope this helps.
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