Diablo® III

say Hi if you are 35 years old and up.

Also loved Dungeon Master and doing the Dungeon Master "Two-step"
1972 .... I had a lotta pinball machines in my basement ... and a formula K ... dot pixels .. racecare game
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42 years old

Odyssey 2 (Pretty obscure, but I loved it for years...Pickaxe Pete!!!)
Apple IIe
Sega Genesis
Xbox 360
Decent computer today with 2 gig video card and 10 gigs of RAM...gets me by
Hi. 50 here.

First seriously obsessive computer game was Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord for the Apple ][ (that's the cool old school way to type out Apple II because it looked like the logo). This was in 1981 at my college computer lab. They had one copy everyone shared. You'd load it up, give it back, and save on your own 5.25 floppy. Even that game had a hack - Identify item number 9 with your Bishop.

Major time spent with Infocom games too.

West of House
You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
There is a small mailbox here.

Anyone remember Akalabeth: World of Doom and what it became?

I think I've played practically every major single-player RPG, although I've passed on most MMOs, including WoW.

Get off my lawn.
Hi! First computer rpg game was advent on a CDC cyber 64 & zork on a pdp-11. At home I started with Pong, and later an apple II with a game called "temple of apshai" or something like that. Apparently I like dungeon crawlers!

The real question here is how do you feel when someone assumes you're 12 and tells you that you should have been around when D2 was first released.

Ohhhh assumptions....

lol, my kids are older than some of the folks who say stuff like that!

Fwiw, I played both D1 & D2 before release. :)
I was born in '48 (64) The wife & I started with Atari 64 (for the kids hehe) & still playin'. She is always playing the old unreal tournament, shootem up sam, etc. when not on d2, d3, or guild wars. waiting for gw2 8>)

Keep your eye out for Croper, & SeaHag (she picked it not me!)

Y'all have fun now!
Utopia and Night Stalker on Intellivision.

By the time we got the Nintendo after that, the number pads on both controllers were so worn out you had to almost punch them to get them to work. And the paint was peeling off the control pad because your hands would get so sweaty.
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How different is this thread from

Is agism in gaming worse/better than sexism? Does it matter on the internet? Does being older or younger affect how we view each others posts? Is there anything wrong with that? Inquiring mind wanting to know your thoughts.

Whoa, calm down, killer. The guy was just making general convo.

Oh. I wasn't trying to offend anyone. I was just reading that other thread and then next clicked on this one and I wondered if there was a double standard when it comes to age in gaming and gender in gaming.

I don't really have an opinion either way. Just curious what the forums think in light of that other thread blowing up.

Personally, I don't care about if someone I play with is young/old or girl/boy as long as they are fun. On the forums I do find that if someone posts their age or gaming experience I am more apt to listen to their opinion.

Anyway, did I mention Pong, Zork, Ultima, A Bard's Tale (original).
I am 40...somthing :P I have been playing since d1 first came out. Love this game but I agree it has several things that need to be fixed. I also HATE that you can only use a health every 30 seconds....HATE HATE HATE that!

44 next month! While this Diablo is not quite what I was expecting, bottom line is I already paid for it so I might as well enjoy it!
Home Pong sometime in the 70's

Atari 2600

Vic 20, Commodore 64 then a 128D and finally an Amiga 1000 (Think I owned every amiga model)

PS1 and 2

Too many gaming PC's to name starting with the old 8086 or x86 if you prefer.

Definetely like PC gaming better to the consoles though.
51 here... been playing since Diablo 1. The first video game I remember playing was the venerable "Pong." Not the first, but the first that most people remember. I remember the Atari 2600 and the ill-fated Colecovision, too
07/10/2012 07:40 AMPosted by TxWolfeman
Anyone remember M.U.L.E. on the commadore 64?

Ooh yeah!
Have been playing that for a while with two friends.
Was a long time ago man! Cool game ;)

Edit: 40 by the way (and already getting senile since I obviously forgot to anser the op's question.. lol!)
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40 here

Ti-99/4a was my first computer, had the cassette drive for it. There was an awesome little dungeon crawl that had vaults (you had to guess the combination or you couldn't get in). Loved that. But then I played D&D with pen and paper and dice too.

commodore rocked all.

Ahh the good ole days of dice and paper and nothing else but your imagination. Man how did we survive without all of the technology we have today. :)

8 year veteran of EQ (retired few years back)
OMG my first game was pong then atari 2600, the colecovision then moved to a commodore computer then finally Nintendo came out. All of them was new when I first played them lol.
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intellivision and commodore 64.. hated inserting those plastic sheets into the controllers.
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07/10/2012 07:40 AMPosted by TxWolfeman
Anyone remember M.U.L.E. on the commadore 64?

Barely. I think I was reading Asimov's Foundation Trilogy at the time and I remember being confused by this game and wondering if the two had anything to do with each other.

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