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An "end-game" suggestion

I couldnt get any replys on general, so ill post here! What i would like to do is suggest a new game feature to help give players more to do with their NV stacks. This idea might be absolutely abysmal to some ppl, so plz, if you have any good ideas to throw in, i could use the help. And i hope jay wilson sees this.

When i get NV stacks, and im running around choppin down demons, i feel like there could be more to it than just farming elites. I want my 5 stacks to be good for something else.

I think a PVE arena team deathmatch event would be good to have.
What i would like to see is a team deathmatch arena where players can get 5 stacks and enter a gladiatorial arena. Every Act in inferno will have its own arena with respective difficulty. Some of you are probably like, "who cares, we have PVP arenas on the way".. yes, but this will be purely PVE. Once you gather your 5 NV, you can enter the arena:

- you and whomever joins you will have to take down whatever elites you are matched up against
-whenever your party takes down an elite pack, you get an arena buff - similar to an NV buff.(im not exactly sure what the actual buff will reward us with, any ideas would be welcome)
-If you lose a fight against an elite pack - you lose one arena buff. If you just entered the arena, and you lose your first fight, you lose a NV buff. If you lose all 5 NV buffs, you will have to regain all 5 to enter the arena again.
(for clarification; if you enter and lose your first fight, you will have 4 NV buffs, afterwards, if you win the rematch, you gain 1 arena buff and are still left with 4 NV buffs... if you lose the next fight multiple times, you will lose the arena buff, then the remaining NV buffs.)
-As you progress thru arena matches, you can gain 5 arena buffs after 5 fights.
-If your team is strong enough to complete all 5 fights, you will be given two options: 1- your team can take whatever treasure is rewarded and walk away OR
2- bet it all on a Double or nothing Boss fight(i dont know what boss it would be, blizzard would have to create some lore to fit the event?) The last fight would be really cool if bets were able to be made with our gold. If you lose all 5 arena buffs to the boss, the fight is over. (This boss fight has good potential but im not sure how to balance the rewards for it.)

Some people may want to progress thru this arena with more than just 5 fights and 5 buffs. If any of you have some ideas as how to progress thru arena matches, plz comment.

Some people will probably wonder, if you lose a bunch of NV buffs, cant you just leave the arena and take down elites packs then go back in to fight? Yes, but you will have to start the arena from the first fight.

Whats to stop players from farming the hell out of this arena? Idk, maybe blizzard could put some sort cooldown timer on our characters(or account) before we can re-enter?

Some may also ask how any of this will fit into lore or sequence of events? How will demons be subjected to blood sport when they are already under the control of the lords of hell?
Maybe emperor haakan(being under Belials control) can have a role in this by creating an arena outside of caldeum for his own sadistic pleasure? Or maybe Duriel, the lord of pain, finds a human host and is hiding somewhere in sanctuary and uses the arena as his own little hobby?

I hope you guys take liking to the suggestion. By no means am i game designer, but i was just looking at other peoples suggestions and it got me to thinking. Even if a blue comments and says "this is SO bad!!" ill at least hear it from the big guys and know i stood no chance.
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Too much like a minigame. For endgame, it shouldn't be something else entirely.

I don't like this idea, but I do appreciate your effort in coming up with it.

Something else, I think.
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I noticed the black soul stone wasn't destroyed. Does that mean the all 7 prim evils will return? And this doesnt matter as much but whats with the change in Tyriel's voice? I liked it better in Diablo2, well at least I thought he sounded better. But for a human voice I can understand why he sounds that way just not when hes a angel in the cut Sean. Well anyways I wonder how the black soul stone not being destroyed will effect a expansion.
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