just read this and yeah... nail on the freakin head! this is exactly how I feel about D3... as I play D2. D3 looks like diablo but doesnt FEEL like diablo. the fact that they completely homogenized DAMAGE meant that there were no longer great disparities between physical damage items and caster type items. A wizard wielding an ax can still completely obliterate anything in its path? what? I mean a sorc in D2 could possibly still do that but he wouldnt be gaining any benefits from wielding most weapons. I also dont like how when you look at your stats in D2... MOST OF THEM CAME FROM LEVELING UP. in D3 it seems like 80% of your chars stats are from gear alone. which makes you feel like you're no longer building a character... you're simply leveling him up to UNLOCK the ability to use better gear. If it werent for item's having level requirements, a lvl 6 DH and a lvl 60 DH would have roughly the same amount of damage if they were to equip the same gear. Basically, Blizzard tried to CALL OF DUTY-ize diablo.. and it failed.