Here is my Idea for the storyline when you make a D3 expansion pack. With Diablo defeated the other "trapped" Lords of Hell were cast back down into the burning hells (or their respective realms) The legions of Heaven decide to once and for all invade the Hells and purge all evil from within them. Our hero has been tasked with leading the Angelic ranks into Hell where he soon learns that Belial Lord of lies has fooled everyone. It seems Deckard Cain is still alive imprisoned in hell, and that that his "death" was merely an illusion and part Belial's plot to facilitate Diablos ultimate death. Belial, had sent a doppleganger demon to Caledeum who was defeated and captured within the black soulstone thus causing Diablo to falsely believe he had become the Prime evil and therefore able to be defeated by the Nephalem hero. Our hero having found Cain alive is urged to purge the remaining demon turds from hell once and for all. (a chance to bring back the other bosses of d2) Once this task is complete Cain beckons the hero to "stay a while and listen" and suddenly the true form of Belial rips forth from Cains body. Its seems that the lord of lies had been inhabiting Cains body since the days of old tristram (diablo1) Fearing his brother the Lord of Terror, Belial had been planning this elaborate deception all along in order to become the one true Prime evil . (this way Blizzard can say hahahah we fooled you all with the lame death of Cain at the hands of Mag-duh and we will actually be able to explore the realm of Hell..this is a Diablo game after all..where the hell is all the HELL? oH yea and bring back the Cow level or at least add some moo to Whimsy level.
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