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Key Bindings - My left hand doesn't move

At this point I'm sure everyone is pretty stuck on their configuration, but I'm pretty fond of mine since it's so efficient, and I'm interested to see what other solutions people have.

My 6 skills and potions are assigned as:
Left Click
Right Click
Ctrl-L Click
Ctrl-R Click
Ctrl-Alt L Click
Ctrl-Alt R Click
Potion: Space bar
Move (w/o skill trigger): Scroll Wheel/3rd button Press

All buttons close together, including shift for stationary combat
Left hand never moves
No clicking the wrong skill
Eyes always on the screen, never the keyboard
Potion, the last-second lifeline, is on the biggest/easiest to press button
Works with a 2-button mouse if you forego the move-only 3rd button/scroll wheel option

Takes about half an hour to adjust to this style, upon switching from 1-2-3-4 keys
Must use Esc to skip sequences, since Space is taken by potion -- this means no skipping regular dialog (such as the ghost Cow King leading to Whimsyshire)

How about you guys? How have you greatly changed your keybindings to allow for better playability?
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My left hand is not even on the keyboard.....

Razor Naga FTW?
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I'm not using Razor, but fortunately my mouse have 13 programmable buttons :)
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I never move my left hand either:

I just use
'~' : Shift Attack
'1-4' : Same as before
'q' / 'Mouse Thumb' : Potion
'spacebar' : walk
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I used to be a hand model, but now...
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my left hand never moves either....bind 4 skills to keys that you are already resting fingers on, thumb to space bar and 60 seconds later you have configured something that does all that you do with a 2 button mouse.
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Mines all on my mouse :D

Razer Mamba 4G - Ftw

Right/Left click primary attacks
Wheel up - Potion
Wheel down - Inv
thumb 1 - Skill 1
thumb 2 - Skill 2
Dpi Up - Skill 3
Dpi down - Skill 4
Left hand = Snacks/Drinks ;)

And can still on the fly Dpi adjust With mouse 3 (wheel Click) + scroll Up/Down Not that i need it for D3

Personally i HATE using tha Kb for Skills with them all on the mouse i can sit back and relax :D
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I'll play along.

Left Click
Right Click
Fingers on 1, 2, 3 (index shifts to hit 4 which is reserved for abilities not used consistently)
Pinky on tab for map
Thumb on space (force stand still)
Palm hits ctrl for items on ground
Mouse button 6 (I think) is mapped to 'Q' for potion use. Thumb naturally rests there so it's an easy to hit button.
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walk? who uses walk? lol wtf... and who needs to look at their keyboard...
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This is what works for me, with everything easily reached.

Mouse (using right hand):

Left and Right click (no change, use as normal)

- - - - - - - - - - -

Keyboard (left hand):

Right Shift (stand still)
Left (spell 1)
Up (spell 2)
Down (spell 3)
Right (spell 4)
0/Ins (health potion) - this is the only button where I move off of the Right Shift key.
Right Control (highlight dropped items)
Del (map)

With these bindings I use only one finger for spells instead of four since I put everything I need in a fight readily at my index finger with my remaining fingers all resting on top of the Right Shift key (my thumb rests on the table top and holds the keyboard for support). Using elective mode, I can also change up the spell order so the most hotly used spell is always bound to Left and then I bind Up, Down and Right accordingly until I get a good feel for what does what.

Again, this works for me, but I've been playing this way for years and have always bound these keys, so this was a natural fit for my play style. In FPS games, Up, Down, Left and Right are my movement keys and 0/Ins is my reload key. Right Shift is "Jump", Right Control is "Crouch" and Enter is "Use".

Dude how do u use the arrow keys in a fps..... i have NEVER seen anyone use anything but w,s,a,,d, unless using a Game Kb/pad thingy.... cause these keys are closer to far more buttons.... using the arrows keys just sounds weird.... plus wouldnt u have to have ur KB and mouse like twice as far apart as normal or do u play with ur 2 hands like right next to each other?
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07/10/2012 08:31 AMPosted by notlogic
Must use Esc to skip sequences, since Space is taken by potion -- this means no skipping regular dialog (such as the ghost Cow King leading to Whimsyshire)

"Close all windows" in the keybindings is what you are looking for. It skips cutscenes, dialogs etc. I bind it on "mousewheel up" and i roll it like a pro when a video cutscene is incoming.

Skills 1-4 are WASD on my setting. Find it ok to play with.
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I really have a difficult time seeing how a control-alt-click solution is easier than a single press of '4'.
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1, 2

W for Walk (Dual bind: Mouse wheel scroll)

Z, X

Spacebar remains the same

Secondary Binds

Z,X (previously, 3 and 4) are also dual-bound to the 2 side buttons on my mouse, so i can activate those abilities with either hand.

Potion is middle mouse button pressed down
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i just randomly smash my nose in the keyboard
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The only one I changed is I made ` stand still.
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thats a lot of multi key strokes to keep everythign on the mouse, to what end?

I like
d, f, e and r for skills, as well as left and right mouse button

space to lock
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Misleading thread title,

I came in here on the basis that you were an amputee
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