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DH Guide: Naked+5M Gold = Solo Inferno Act 3

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On pages 15-17, I have replied to many people about help for their equipment. A lot of the information in these posts overlap. If you're considering asking for equipment advice, I definitely think you should check out some of these posts, many people often have similar questions! Otherwise, if it's a more specific question, ask away!
Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6037126469?page=15

UPDATE 1: Added video below demonstrating an Inferno Ghom kill with our 4M gear
UPDATE 2: Adding videos of Act 3 quest clears with our gear - uploading in quest order
UPDATE 3: Added video below demonstrating an Inferno Rakanoth kill with our gear
UPDATE 4: Added a couple of important patch 1.0.4 points (some might already know this info)

Hi guys,

Yesterday I recorded 3 videos, and I wanted to share with everyone a very nice way to balance your demon hunter for CHEAP. You don't need fancy Natalya gear, nor any 10mil per equip gear, as many people often say.

With this balance, you don't need to be a "GLASS CANNON DH" or a "TANK DH," but rather you are tanky and you can do good damage. For this guide, I used a naked level 60 Demon Hunter, with a 5M gold budget. This is ALL you need to do well in Act 3.

Higher Budget Players: If you have a high budget, and would like a reference for a good balanced gearset, here is a link to my main DH gears:

I explained in detail what kind of equipment to look for, what you need for each equipment, and so on in Part 1.

I documented the entire process and split it in 3 parts. I also added a quick summary of my final gears after Part 1 in the screenie below:
Part 1 Gear: http://i.imgur.com/OuBjI.png
Part 4 Gear: http://i.imgur.com/obM2o.jpg (+200k movespeed boots)

Part 1 [1 hour]: Collecting gear using a 5M Budget (used 4M)

Part 2 [20 min]: Description and short demonstrations of skills/specs
(Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bRXgSV!Yec!ZZZYZc)

Part 3 [20 min]: Short demo where we kill some elites, deal with reflects, and finish Azmodan with our gear!

Bonus 1 [14 min] Ghom - A detailed strategy and skill spec/demonstration for killing ghom with our 4M gear

Bonus 2 [8 min] Rakanoth - A good strategy and skill spec for killing rakanoth in Act 4

Part 4: Act 3 Quest/Elite Walkthrough - Beginning of each video annotated with elite kills
1. Skycrown Battlements- www.youtube.com/watch?v=212G0EHCutg
2. Stonefort - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I6I_rw89m4
3. Keep Depths - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13-wGdQeVnk
4. Machines of War - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7-UkG-OAMI
5. Siegebreaker - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U23WQXYtpgQ
6. Heart of Sin 01 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ndAMEI8K2k
7. Heart of Sin 02 (& Cydaea) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlYknu3c4iY
8. Arreat Core (& Azmodan) - (Part 3 Above) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7_Y4irSR3c

Patch 1.0.4 Updates: Some useful information
1. With paragon levels, you should seriously consider a socketed helm with a high level ruby gem!
2. Inferno mobs lost 15% dmg (so your defensive gear is much more effective)
3. Entangling shot got a big dmg buff, very helpful if you don't use Hungering Arrow - Shock Collar rune even does good dmg now
4. It would be worth trying to replace Companion: Bat with Vault:Trail of Cinders, it would be especially useful for kiting fast melee elites backwards (don't vault into them for the dmg)
5. Invulnerable minions are gone now, which was a big problem for this setup
6. With the combination of the Inferno -15% dmg nerf, and with vault of cinders, phase beast elites could be manageable (but still tough)
7. With the huge influx of insanely strong legendaries, this same gear is obtainable for even cheaper, I'm hesitant to say even as much as 3mil now (if not yet, likely very soon!)

Enjoy, feel free to critisize (I imagine I'll get mostly flames lol), but I'll answer any questions you guys have.

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uh too lazy to watch vids.
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anyways you're right, part 1 was a bit long. I can show you a 5 minute video of me instantly buying 12 equips, but that's not the point... some people clearly ask/need advice on buying gear, so why is it bad to go over it?

It's not rehearsed, so that's why it took long. I'm not forcing you to watch it
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Thanks for posting this. I sent the videos to a friend who is having a problem figuring out how to gear his DH.
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Hey, Mystical. I really enjoyed these videos. I'm sure most players won't have the patience to watch the one-hour session of purchasing gear on the Auction House, but that's actually the part that was the most informative. Although you comment in the video that it's probably boring, I actually found it useful to hear your recommendations on what stats people should be searching for on each piece of gear and how much you should initially expect to spend. There are so many forum posts of people struggling when they hit Inferno due to gear problems, and you showed exactly how to tackle it rather cheaply. There are plenty of videos out there of builds and play strategy, but probably not many that give this kind of advice. Thanks for taking the time to make it and share with the community. Players struggling with Inferno would learn a lot by watching it.
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

To help people sort out their gear without scrambling through a one hour video, I also added a screenshot with gear + costs:
--> http://i.imgur.com/OuBjI.png

Also added this to the original post.
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i thought i was one of the only ones doing this. but i literally spent under 300k for my gear. its very similar to yours except i have 2 1h xbow's
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yeah, it's actually pretty true, but since the original goal was a 5mil budget, I decided to buy a little more luxurious stuff for the DPS gears (gloves+rings+amulet)

You can definitely find much cheaper deals during odd-hours when the AH moves slower, or just by spending a little more time looking for deals and playing around with search numbers.

One other thing I had in mind was that the video was going fairly slow, so I was under a time limit to buy equipment so it doesn't get TOO boring! lol
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Very nice
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Wow phocas you have some SERIOUS issues! I mean, what kind of person bashes another person who is trying to help everyone by saying they have down's syndrome...you must be one unhappy, angry, person.
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I had seen your third videos and you're right that phasebeast / hulkingbeast / whatever is the most frightening foe in act III especially the elite / champ pack, but it's nice to see that you could hold them in the first attempt when you portal to core arreat lol

Anyway nice video, really apreciate what you do.

And i'm sorry for my bad english, english is not native language in my country.
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YOU! are a good man sir for doing this and people gonna hate no matter what.. thnks for the help and one more question.. how much crit hit chance can one item have and what items come with crit hit chance? sorry if you are not able to understand my question.. english is not my first language.
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This is pretty hard, because 300M is a lot, and it varies VERY MUCH on whether you are able to find a cheap item on the AH, but I'll TRY!

If you're looking for a balanced gearset similar to the one in this video, my DH's main gears are nicely balanced like this, and I used the exact same mindset:

I spent approximately 10-30mil per equip, so if you look for similar stats and budget yourself in the same way, you should be able to get similar gears for 300M.

Note that I use a Natalya's cloak, and this item is really overpriced. You could find an equivalent replacement for ~5M.

As you can imagine, I mention "good deals" a lot, and I got ALL of my gears during odd-hours when the AH is at low-activity. But one thing is very important: be patient, very often the AH does not have high-end gears, so do not buy something with lower quality, just because it would be nice to have "now"

I recommend about 100M or so (if you find a really nice one) for your bow (that's 1/3 of your money, but it's the most important equip)

Lastly, if you are finding that gears similar to mine are too expensive, the best way to search for alternatives is to lower dex/vit by like 10 each.
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07/09/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Lokii
YOU! are a good man sir for doing this and people gonna hate no matter what.. thnks for the help and one more question.. how much crit hit chance can one item have and what items come with crit hit chance? sorry if you are not able to understand my question.. english is not my first language.

Bracer - 6% crit chance
Amulet - 8.5% crit chance, 65% crit damage
Glove - 10% crit chance, 50% crit damage
Helm - 6% crit chance
Quiver - 8.5% crit chance (Shield = 10% crit chance, but don't use this)
Rings - 4.5% crit chance, 34% crit damage
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Just wanna say thanks for posting this MysticaL
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firstly, the idea is good and i appreciate the trouble u've gone through to post the video, but in all honesty i dont want to watch a long video and much rather just read through a post, so it might be better to just write it out in words.

that being said, it's extremely easy to clear inferno now with a low budget, because 1) blizz nerfed inferno mob dmg, 2) so many ppl are farming inferno now that mediocre gear is VERY cheap in comparison to the first few weeks. so basically as long as u're not going for BiS gear wih top rolls, u won't need much of a budget to clear inferno.

the key to a DH is simply a good weap, and a 1k 2 h costs next to nothing these days.. back in the first few weeks a blue 1k would cost millions instead.
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07/09/2012 09:24 PMPosted by Orochi
firstly, the idea is good and i appreciate the trouble u've gone through to post the video, but in all honesty i dont want to watch a long video and much rather just read through a post, so it might be better to just write it out in words.

I got this criticism a lot, which is why I posted a screenshot of the final gear obtained and their prices
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Thanks for this guide. Very informative and I am using it right now to gear up my DH.
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