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I wish followers could use regular gear

Is it just me, or does anyone else miss the fact that you could arm your merc to the teeth in diablo 2? I know it is a different game, but it was nice to put armor and a helm on your merc.

The followers in diablo 3 seem to be relatively useless, and while I use them in solo play, they really don't offer much other than a few small buffs. Where are the auras? I also miss the fact that gear had unique skills on it that granted auras etc, but that is a whole other issue with the broken gear progression in this game.

In diablo 2 you could have a merc walking around with multiple auras on killing everything in sight. Diablo 2 was so fun because of the fact that there were so many builds that could become overpowered with the right gear selection. In d3 you are forced to incrementally increase your main stat at ridiculous prices in the ah. There is no variability. In d2 you could have 8 characters on the same account all the same class, but different builds. I had a zeal sorc (rune word weapon that granted zeal) that did 75k dmg (a lot for d2).

I guess i just miss some of the features of d2 that didn't carry over to d3. I'm considering going back to d2 for a bit and starting from scratch. I imagine most of the gear is pretty cheap now. Anyway, let me know what you think. I know these issues have been covered extensively, but this is just my 2 cents.
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You really had to wait for the expansion for that, which isn't a fair comparison.

It would be nice to see it in the expansion.
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I know it was in the expansion, but those are some of the core elements of the game that they could have carried over into d3. Overall, I like the game, but some of the best elements from d2 were not carried over. They went more along the lines of an mmo like wow or swtor with the skills and items.
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07/10/2012 08:52 AMPosted by Samcro
Is it just me, or does anyone else miss the fact that you could arm your merc to the teeth in diablo 2? I know it is a different game, but it was nice to put armor and a helm on your merc.

IIRC, you could just use 3 items on your mercs.... right?
(4 for the iron wolves)

weapon(sometime shield)-armor-helm in d2
compared to
weapon(sometime shield)-ring-ring-ammy-follower's special

We have more than we had in D2.
But I wish we could complely gear them tho.
I wanted that in D2 years ago.. And I still want that in D3.
Followers should be balanced so we can use every item on them (every item that fits the class, obviously )

so, all armor pieces, all rings/ammy, the follower specials, and still 1h/shield for the templar, bow/xbow for the scoundrel, 2handers for the enchantress ( well, I'd have her just fight with staffs, an enchantress with 2handed axe looks weird ).
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Yeah and with the RMAH you would think Blizzard would be allowing more items on mercs so you have the option to spend more money in the game.
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I like this idea too--so they can equip all the same slots that player characters can (but still using class-specific gear as mentioned earlier). It would help their survivability a bit (which still needs better balancing), and it would be great if they could put on some frickin' boots before they go and stand in molten blasts or venom pools, lol :)
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It'd make more sense to be able to gear them up fully, seeing how bad their damage and survivability scales. You hand them a 700-800 pure DPS weapon, and with all the rings, amulet and relic, they still do about 2k damage on Inferno, despite their main stat being the focus of the said items. And with 40k HP they die of poison/desecrator within 2 seconds ;_;
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Yeah, either let us equip them fully or remove let them deal full weapon dps
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