Diablo® III

The Hanging Tree

Has anyone else been able to get this encounter to work?

Everytime I find the tree it only has one tomb and the encounter never fires properly.
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Not a bug.
You've just been unlucky enough to not get the correct Hanging tree spawn. as there are two different ones. the common one only has a single grave, but the rare one will be surrounded by 5 disturbed plots of dirt, and will trigger a short adventure where skeletons will spawn from all 5 of them at once, and the last one killed will drop the lore book.
I found it spawned to the right side of the path when it showed for me, but I can only assume it could spawn in either of the two large tiles,
I understand you're annoyance though, this was literally the very last lore i couldn't find, took 30 resets to show up when hunting for only it.
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I was lucky enough to get the correct tree to spawn for me the second time I tried looking for it. Everytime I noticed the tree, it was always to the left of the path in the Weeping Hollow, just a few steps outside of town. What I have noticed so far are three types of the Hanging Tree, 1) Big tree with a bunch of hung zombies and no graves - no book. 2) Smaller tree with four graves and a disturbed tombstone which when destroyed a bunch of zombies appear and no book. 3) smaller tree with four-five graves in a circle and one coffin sticking out of the center one, when destroyed, a bunch of skeleton of which the last one will drop the lore book.
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can somebody comfirm that this is still unbugged? i've been running the weeping hollows for at least 30 times and it didn't spawn, just the one with one skeleton from time to time.

EDIT: nvm, just had it spawn...rate seems to be pretty low though!
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The spawn rate for the correct hanging tree (three men hanging from the tree and 5 disturbed plots of earth around it) is very very low. It will take many runs to find it (unless you get incredibly lucky).

Of my 5 characters that have all run through the Weeping Hollows (probably more than 100 runs total), I have only found the tree 3 or 4 times.
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I just realized my post #3 above stated:
"hung zombies"

LOL at myself :)
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LOL, Thanks for the info posted here. been getting angry trying to find this. Now i understand how low the damn spawn rate is.
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This is the tree when yer leaving adria's hut, right?
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No, nowhere near Adria's hut. This tree is in the middle of the Weeping Hollow.
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