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3rd best web browser?

I reinstalled Firefox after dealing with hijack, and the newest version isn't the one I was using. I have no idea what the old version was, but I really do not like this new version and its fancy shmancy features. I can't even log into the forums with it and I can't find out why (I'm using Explorer atm)

So now I'm wondering if there is a 3rd option. I just need something lightweight, can handle forums, news sites, flash compatible, tabs would be good.

What brower is the next after IE and firefox?

edit: nvm. Messing around with Google Chrome, which can do flash without flash installed (?)
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either Chrome or Safari...Opera is decent, but slightly buggy.
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If you aren't using Chrome, you aren't internetting correctly.
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maxthon is the fastest browser ive ever used-
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3rd best lol...

heres how browsers stack up
call me fanboy if you like, but idgaf what randoms incorrectly think =)

#1 - theres chrome, which is the best by far. fastest on any computer, none of the useless added extras

#2 - ima say firefox based on its insane compatibility and add-ons (personally dont like, but solid) aswell as its all round robustness

#3 - great big pile of crap to avoid includes all other web browsers (gross generalization)

#last - internet explorer. rubbish in a can.
fun facts:
+ one of the most downloaded files through IE is chrome
+ the most common search in bing is google

dont be a chump =P
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Firefox is crap just because it freezes trying to acces down my network drives every time.
So stopped using it.
Now i use chrome.

i would rather even use internet explorer then firefox.

Used to use firefox as primary browser untill after 2 3 month's that kept freezing , It drived me insane.
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lol guys remember the old days with netscape and unbuntu browsing, my god it was such a pain.
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