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Naabski's Full Glass Cannon RoF Spec


Hello all, I play a full glass cannon spec wizard focusing all my items and skills towards doing the most DPS that I possibly can do. Today I will be sharing my build and my logic behind this build. I have played my wizard from day 1 and have over 500 hours of game play. I have completed inferno, and can solo and group in any act whenever I please.

In no way am I saying that this is the best wizard build, but it is a hella fun build to play and requires awareness and skill to play. It is the build for my preferred playstyle, and I am sure many other players shall enjoy this.

You can see me in action doing various things on my stream, and I try to stream on a daily basis. I have helped many players progressing through inferno with builds, strategy, and ways to gear themselves out. I don't keep anything a secret, and can show you how to make a ton of gold, and good places to farm.

My stream is: www.twitch.tv/naabski
My current dps is 130k on paper.

Now for Naabski's Full RoF Glass Cannon Spec!

Skill Spec:

Left Click: Hydra
Rune: Venom Hydra
Logic: Venom hydra is OP right now and the little poison pools stack on top of each other to deal insane amounts of DPS.

Right Click: Ray of Frost
Rune: Cold Blood (Reduces casting cost to 12 AP)
Logic: Ray of frost deals 215% weapon damage to a single target, on top of that with the passive skill "Cold Blooded" it will deal an additional 20% damage, focusing massive amounts of damage towards one single target for the low cost of 12 AP per tick (which is determined by your attack speed).
Conclusion: Ray of frost with the cold blood rune and cold blooded passive gives the biggest bang per AP cost in damage. Since the casting cost is 12 AP per attack you don't even have to use a signature spell.

Slot 1: Diamond Skin
Rune: Crystal Shell (Increase damage absorbed to 21,707)
Logic: Aside from being really useful while fighting reflect damage elites, this skill is a life saver and provides enough protection to take an extra 1 or 2 hits. Which is very important as a glass cannon because you may only be able to take 3-4 hits before you die. The reason this skill can take more than 1 hit is because when combined with energy armor (force armor rune provided you have adequate hp) you actually wont take more than 21,707 damage from a single hit allowing you to take a second hit before diamond skin wears off.
Conclusion: Diamond skin is basically the wizards version of smokescreen, and if used right it will save you in situations where you would've normally died.

Slot 2: Energy Armor
Rune: Force Armor
Description: Force armor reduces the damage you take to 35% of your life but the damage reduction is capped at the value of your maximum hp.
Logic: In my build I do not value resistances and find them useless if you want to use force armor, it is more about balancing your hit points depending on which act you will be farming. If you dont have enough hp then you will get 1-2 shotted, if you have too much hp then your life regen and diamond skin will be inefficient. For act 3 farming your hp should be balanced around 28-32k to support force armor. It is much lower for act 1 and act 2 but I do not have exact numbers for that.
Conclusion: By using force armor, I do not have to buy gear with all resists, and I can focus on getting gear with high intelligence and life regen, making it much easier and cheaper for me to buy upgrades. I can take as many hits as wizards with 700+ all resists and I only have 200 all resist.

Slot 3: Magic Weapon
Rune: Force Weapon
Logic: 15% extra base weapon damage to get the most out of your dps.

Slot 4: Familiar
Rune: Sparkflint
Logic: 12% extra weapon damage on your attacks, and familiar will fire an attack for 20% of your weapon damage based on your AS to get the most out of your DPS.

Passive 1: Glass Cannon
Logic: To get the most out of your DPS.

Passive 2: Cold Blooded
Logic: Increases the damage output of ray of frost by 20% after the 1st tick to get the most out of your dps.

Passive 3: Galvanizing Ward
Logic: Life regen is very important in my build for survivability, so having the extra 310 life regen from this skill is very helpful.

Prioritizing Your Stats:
Here I will discuss which stats you need to prioritize to make this build work.

1st Priority: Must have stats for this build to work.
Intelligence: Main source of your DPS
Critical Chance/Critical Damage: Main source of your DPS
Vitality: Must be delicately balanced depending on what act you farm. For Act 3 Inferno you need 30k-32k HP to be able to take 3-4 hits.
Movement Speed: Kiting is a big part of being a glass cannon, so to increase our ability to kite, we must increase our running speed. This will allow you to maneuver out of very tricky situations where you would normally die. Movement speed is capped at 25%.

2nd Priority: These stats are also very important and I highly recommend them.
Attack Speed: Secondary Source of DPS
Life Regeneration: This will greatly increase your survivability and ability to kill elites. Also very useful against reflect damage.
Dexterity: As a glass cannon, being able to dodge an attack will increase your ability to survive and stay alive during tricky situations.
Critical Hits Grant Arcane Power: This is very useful when playing in groups or when you have very high attack speed. I recommend to have 10 arcane power on crit for this build.

Least Priority: These stats are generally extras that you may find on your items. But are still useful for this build.
Life on Hit: This is useful for adding to your life regen, but is not considered a big part of this build. Do not make your item choices based on this stat.
Damage Converted to Life: Because of the high DPS that this build generates, this stat should help increase your life regen, but I have not tested it out yet. Logically it should work to your benefit.
Increase Damage vs Elites: Because of the high DPS that this build generates, this stat will noticeably increase your damage when fighting elites.

Note: I consider all resistance to be useless for this build, and having this stat on your gear will only inflate the cost of your gear and upgrades.

Item Build:
I will be discussing the optimal gear for this build, I will include recommended values and budget values.

I highly recommend that you use the Deity Wizard DPS calculator to check which items will really give you the most dps.
The Deity calculator can be found at: gulfstatesairspecialists.com/damagecalc/index.html

Weapon (1-Hand): This slot is a main source of your DPS. You will want to find the highest possible 1-hand DPS weapon with the following properties. This can become a very expensive upgrade and it is best to be patient and shop around for the best deal.
-Must Have Properties:
Intelligence: (Recommended: 200+) (Budget: 100+)
Open Socket: This is crucial for your DPS. Having a socket means that you can have up to 100% critical damage on your weapon. Note that you can also have critical hit damage as a passive property on your weapon and having a socket on top of that can make it possible to have way more than 100% critical hit damage on your weapon. The only time I would recommend not to have an open socket is if the weapon has 70% or higher critical hit damage as a passive.
-Recommended Properties:
Critical Hit Damage: If the weapon has no socket, then this stat should be 70% or higher. This is an amazing property combined with an open socket, allowing you to get more than 100% critical hit damage just from this slot.
-Optional Properties: Do not make your weapon choice on these properties, look at these more as a bonus if your weapon has it.
Vitality: The weapon can also be a good source of increasing your hit points.
Dexterity: The weapon can also be a good source of increasing your dodge chance.
Life on Hit: This property wil increase the amount of life generated by your build during combat, but it is not crucial and should only be looked at as a bonus.
Critical Hits Grant AP: Only being available on wands, it will not be easy to find a weapon with the ideal stats and to have this property, it would be easier to get this property from other sources.

Off Hand (Wizard Source): This slot is also a main source of DPS. You will want to generally find an off-hand with at least 50 minimum damage, and 250 maximum damage to get the most out of your DPS. This can be a very expensive upgrade, and it is best to shop around for this slot.
-Must have Properties:
Critical Hit Chance: The wizard source is a great place to get a nice boost to your critical hit chance. I recommend you look at off hands with 7.5% critical chance or higher. This is crucial to your DPS output.
-Recommended Properties:
Critical Hits Grant AP: I would argue that the wizard source is the best place to find this property as you are not looking for many other properties on your off hand. Note that this is not a budget choice, and will inflate the price of the off hand when paired with a high critical hit chance.
Intelligence: Further increase your DPS output, and can make up for having a lower damage off hand.
-Optional Properties: Do not make your off hand choice on these properties, look at these more as a bonus if your weapon has it.
Vitality: The off hand can also be a good source of increasing your hit points.
Dexterity: The off hand can also be a good source of increasing your dodge chance.
Life Regeneration: The off hand can also be a good source of life regeneration.
Increase Damage Against Elites: Further increase your damage output where it counts, stacking this property will noticably increase how fast you can take out an elite.

Helmet: For this build, the helmet can provide the biggest source of critical hit chance out of all of the armor slots. This is because you can have critical hit chance and get the skill bonus critical hit chance to ray of frost.
-Must Have Properties:
Intelligence: (Recommended: 160+) (Budget: 100+)
Critical Hit Chance: (Recommended: 4%+) (Budget: 3%+)
Increased Critical Chance to Ray of Frost: (Recommended: 5%+) Note that this property will not be reflected in your paper dps or critical hit chance.
-Optional Properties:
Vitality: The helmet can also be a good source of increasing your hit points.
Dexterity: The helmet can also be a good source of increasing your dodge chance.
Life Regeneration: The helmet can also be a good source of life regeneration.

Gloves: Gloves can provide a great boost in your DPS since they can spawn with critical hit damage, critical hit chance, and attack speed.

*Section is still under construction. Will be completed some day...*

My Gear and Stats:

My gear and stats can be found at:

During my 3 million gold challenge I equipped myself to 50k+ DPS using only 2 million gold. My gear and stats for the challenge can be found at:

Coming some day...

If you guys want to see my build in action, check out my stream.
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Hey man, ownagelol here from the stream. I'll probably be using this build once i get my wizzy to 60. Seems like fun and the ability to still take hits as a glass cannon is really cool. Thanks for the post and awesome streams.
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how's the build solo most of your videos are group
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This is a really great build, great single target DPS and I love the challenge, great for soloing and I must say I'm vary excited to perfect this build on my wizard!

Naabski is a really great guy always willing to help out and share his knowledge from selling in the AH to builds and strategys I highly suggest you check out his stream and his fans!

+1 Naabski
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07/12/2012 01:22 AMPosted by QcCommando
how's the build solo most of your videos are group

This build works solo and in groups. I am currently doing a stream where I will farm from the very beginning of act 3 until I get to Azmodan. If you guys have any questions or want to see how this works, come join!

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post your gear man!! didnt feal like making an account and chat.
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Naabski is a great player with a lot of knowledge about his class. Check out his stream if you're looking for tips on playing this build. He has helped me out a lot is always offering help to people just reaching inferno.
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Is the 25% movement speed cap for gears only? I swear I've gotten to 40% when storm armor or big bad voodoo kicked in.
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force armor lets you take 3 hits min from any mob with any HP, if you're going to use force armor you don't need hp at all...just sayin

The reason you want a descent amount of hp with this build with the HIGH DPS your dishing out is when you run into elites with reflect damage, low HP Wizards would just kill them self's with the amount of DPS you just dish out.
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^^ if you stack enough life regen the reflect damage is easily managed.
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Also, the amount of damage absorbed by Force Armor caps at your maximum health pool. So yes, you can still get 1 shotted.
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Does a 2 hander work with this build? Im trying to find a decent weapon with a socket or crit damage, but Im also wondering with the slower speeds does the ray of frost do more damage?
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Posts: 51
Just tried the build, it works really well and it's fun to play. Although wallers can give you some troubles without teleport. Think worth dropping spark flint for teleport?
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Hi naabski, im so glad to see another wiz with ROF spec.
im running a similar spec with a different gear set up.. more on the defensive side..

Here is a video of how i play

Here is a link to my guide .. hopefully we can exchange some pointers
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no aoe? o.0a
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I thought it was crazy at first but he does it every day on stream and has even eaten invulnerable phase beasts!
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Posts: 190
There's something wrong with this build... For instance, Ray of Frost and Venom Hydra can't crit, so therefore crit damage and crit chance are completely and 100% useless.

So why are they primary stats?

No, the only stats that matter in this build are Int and IAS for damage since IAS increases how fast RoF and Poison Pools tick.

So you only need Int and IAS for damage, enough VIT to hit 32k, and then it's just kiting and life regeneration from then on ie, Movement Speed, Life Regen, Life Steal, and Life Convert.
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Just tried this build and let me say, coming from the Melee Wizard build, this is horrible. You kill things faster, sure - but the amount of time spent running for your life doesn't make it worthwhile unless your gear collection trivializes the encounter.

You can't even slow down any minions!
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Just tried this build and let me say, coming from the Melee Wizard build, this is horrible. You kill things faster, sure - but the amount of time spent running for your life doesn't make it worthwhile unless your gear collection trivializes the encounter.

You can't even slow down any minions!

This comment confuses me a bit. If you are a melee wizard, You obviously have melee wizard gear. This means high vit, high resists, and low damage. Using this build with melee wizard gear is totally counterproductive. This build is all about killing things as fast as possible. The dps given by melee wizard gear does not cater well to dps reliant build. So unless you are using godly melee wizard gear with high dps AND survivability, your opinion on this build is irrelevant.
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