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Why at this TECHNICAL SUPPORT, there aren't any TECHNICAL SUPPORT at all? ...
This my second time posting on this problem... Game Master never help players to solve problems? ... Then what is this TECHNICAL SUPPORT for? for SHOW??? It has been over 1 week from my last post please... Can you solve out this problem?...
This the problem...
I wanna join the trade chat, but each time i join always only 2 to 3 or maybe only 1 people in the TRADE CHAT. How to switch to other TRADE CHAT channel? ... But my friends use to get in the TRADE CHAT with 50+ over people inside. Although i log out and log in, but it's still the same. What should I do? Please help... thanks...
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I have the EXACT same problem as mentioned above.

It has been explained to me that there are more than 1 trade chat channel. I think the channels have a maximum 99 person limit and than it creates a new channel. HOWEVER this does not change the fact that every time I log in I get put in a channel with 2 or 3 people and my friends log into to channels with 80 or 90 people.

I did try logging out of trade and then have a friend invite me into his channel (with 96 people) and I was able to join it like that. But then the next day we tried it again and it gave me ERROR 10000. So I have no idea what the heck is going on, please give us some input on this and if there is a fix. Otherwise please fix this issue because it is very frustrating not being able to buy or sell anything in a populated trade channel.

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Can GAMEMASTER stop ignoring our post??????????????????????????????
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Yep yup yep!!!!
Exact same problem. Friend always has a full trade channel but I always get stuck in channel with 2-3 players. Only way to join a proper trade chat is to get invited. I'm EU playing a us servers BTW.
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Did anyone figure out this problem? I'm still having the problem with being put in the same trade/general with 1-5 people
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Same here!

Are you guys all from the EU region playing on US servers? Maybe they have separate channels for players from other regions?

Another problem is that you always seem to get a full set of channels...so if only the trade channel is full you get a new trade channel AND all other channels new aswell so you always end up in empty class channels and LFGs, hardcores.

I currently have 8 ppl in my general chat and 1 other in trade, rest is empty. tried rejoining (puts you back in the same channel -> not working at all) and restarted my game (changed the channel set, but there still are no more ppl inside than before).

Another odd thing is that im not getting any friend requests from spammers/goldsellers AT ALL! On EU servers theres at least one request per day.

It seems that Blizz is very effectively blocking EU players on their US servers.... which is either a bug or a very stupid decision considering that they had me playing there due to Beta server region settings which remained in the game after release...

I still have hope that they will be fixing this with some patch, but a bluepost would be very appreciated

On EU servers everything works fine, channels are filled and very active...
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I should be on the US servers (Americas). I left trade and general channels and had a friend invite me to theirs which worked - he had more populated channels but the moment I went into a game it automatically connected me to my original general/trade.

At least put in an option like diablo 2 so you can pick different channels. The ones I joined off my friend had 77 people in general and 40 in trade. This system seems broken if it caps at 99.

How do you counter the bots? Lets make 30,000 trade channels and general channels. and then we doubled it.
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Found something...


Problem seems to be caused by client and server region being different, EU clients dont work on US servers and vice versa.

Last post in linked thread confirms this...
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